Oraichain is Now Live on Fantom Network

Oraichain had earlier established its VRF services, short for Verifiable Random Function on Avalanche. It has now extended support to dApps that run on the Fantom Opera mainnet.

Fantom’s entire ecosystem will now, for the first time, be able to avail the benefit of a decentralized and publicly verifiable random number generator. The ecosystem of the Fantom network includes categories ranging from DeFi to NFT games.


Oraichain goes beyond data oracles. It is an oracle and ecosystem for blockchain that is fully powered by AI technology. Oraichain serves as a foundational layer to create smart contracts and dApps for a new generation. It now aims to become the first AI Layer 1 in the blockchain industry to be driven by the AI ecosystem.

Oraichain is successful in delivering some of the most innovative and essential products. These include Data Hub, AI price feeds, AI-based NFT generation, fully on-chain VRF, Royalty Protocol, Cosmwasm IDE, and Yield Aggregator Platform that is powered by AI.

Oraichain Is Now Live On The Fantom Network

Oraichain announced on its official website that it had now gone live on the Fantom network. This will serve a great benefit to the ecosystem that includes sections ranging from DeFi to NFT-based games.

Oraichain going Live on the Fantom network unlocks limitless possibilities while offering the ease of implementation of Oraichain VRF 2.0.

The developers at Fantom will now be able to experience the advantages of fully on-chain VRF services. Oraichain has been termed to be the perfect fit for Fantom as it resolves the issue of miner attacks by providing transparency and tamper-proof outcomes.

Random number generators are normally prone to miner attacks. These are initiated when hostile elements on the internet attempt a reroll and make it work to their advantage. For instance, they can enter a random request by re-writing the entire history of the chain, resulting in a random output that is different from the original one.

Hostile miners can also abuse the method when a VRF node operator intentionally sends compromised data or delays the random request. Once the random request is delayed by the node operator, it creates an opportunity to abuse the method.

These are the issues that have been nullified by Oraichain VRF 2.0. It has been developed to generate random values and verify group signatures on-chain, making it virtually impossible for anyone to tamper with the randomness generation process.

Oraichain going Live on the Fantom Network has led to the creation of many possibilities. This will help to achieve fairness and transparency for end-users.

Some ways of achieving fairness and transparency are distributing limited-edition financial assets, randomly assigning duties & resources, and creating scenarios in the game that are unpredictable.

Oraichain VRF 2.0 has been designed to operate on a plug-and-play model, making its implementation easier on the Fantom Network. The team has set its priorities without compromising on the security and quality aspects.

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