Chain (XCN) loses credibility among investors due to mass sell-off, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) continues to rise

Chain is one of the many tokens that have decreased in value rather drastically over the past few weeks, and for all intents and purposes, it seems as though most markets are in disarray.

Orbeon Protocol’s 1st stage presale has somehow avoided falling into this fate; in fact, it is forecasted to surge by 60x its current value of $0.004. 


Why Investors are Jumping Ship?

While the reasons are quite varied as to why investors are jumping ship from Chain to Orbeon, perhaps the most noticeable is XCN’s poor performance over the past few weeks.

Chain has not been performing too well throughout this current crypto short squeeze, and when you pair this with the fact that Orbeon Protocol is soaring, it becomes abundantly clear why people are inclined to make the switch.

Taking the initiative is an essential part of being a successful investor. The fact that so many people are leaving Chain hoping to get in on Orbeon indicates that people seek to capitalize on the imminent success of the new project. 

This ordeal will likely affect Chain’s trust among investors, compounding further drops in value as the market corrects. 

Orbeon Protocol’s Rise To Fame 

In stark contrast to Chain, Orbeon Protocol looks to be more successful than anyone could have predicted. 

Orbeon Protocol is a blockchain investment platform that allows people to invest fractionally in new and promising start-ups. This has immense potential to revolutionize the venture capital and crowdfunding industries. This is done by minting these start-ups as fractionalized NFTs, representing equity in the company. These NFTs can then be purchased by investors for as little as $1.

The utility that Orbeon can provide is exactly why it is outshining all other new projects at the moment. Chain is just one out of the many crypto alternatives available today, whereas Orbeon is solving issues that have plagued the investing industry for years, such as lack of accessibility for everyday investors and slow capital gathering for companies.

The value and utility that the Orbeon Protocol can provide far surpass that of the Chain Protocol, and because of this, investors are flocking to Orbeon in droves to purchase the project’s native ORBN token during presale – holders will enjoy numerous perks across the Orbeon ecosystem, like staking rewards and project governance rights, further adding to the real-world use cases for Orbeon Protocol. 

An Evaluation of the Markets 

It is worth noting that Chain is not the only token that is experiencing losses right now. The whole crypto market has been bearish for months, and practically every token across the board has taken huge hits barring a few key outliers.

Chain investors will likely see XCN recover into the new year; however, those searching for more immediate gains have already switched to ORBN.

This demand is depicted perfectly by the statistics of the ORBN presale, with over 68 million tokens sold. The current trading price of ORBN is $0.004, but analysts predict a stark price increase to $0.24.

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