Orbiter Finance unveils L2 network with OKX backing

Orbiter Finance, a rapidly expanding entity within the cryptocurrency industry, has achieved a noteworthy milestone with the addition of more than three million users to its cross-chain bridge. This groundbreaking endeavor facilitates the exchange of assets among rollup networks. 

The investment made by OKX Ventures in Orbiter Finance serves as an indication of the company’s promising prospects. Although the precise sum remains uncertain, this collaboration would undeniably serve to advance Orbiter Finance’s standing within the sector.

Orbiter Finance is expanding its product portfolio by introducing the Orbiter Rollup, an innovative Layer-2 solution. This groundbreaking attribute, which is founded upon zero-knowledge proof technology, will serve as a meta-layer for the blockchain community. It is imperative to comprehend that Orbiter Finance and Orbit Chain are distinct entities, given that the latter encountered a security vulnerability in their bridge protocol.

The Orbiter Rollup is a critical component in the organization’s strategy to achieve its “omni-connection” future. This overarching goal entails the creation of a streamlined and exceptionally practical interface that facilitates the transmission of assets and various other forms of data between Layer-2 platforms. Orbiter Finance aims to establish itself as the entry point for all Layer-2 networks via this move.

The primary objective of Orbiter Rollup is to ease the way users deal with Layer-2 networks. Developers at Orbiter Finance are sure that by using their platform on one EVM-compatible account, users will be able to access the entire Ethereum ecosystem easily. This makes Orbiter Finance compete with other zero-knowledge proof-based Layer 2 networks such as Manta, zkSync, and Polygon zkEVM.

Despite Orbiter Finance’s substantial growth, its finance team has yet to announce the introduction of tokens. According to the FAQ section of their website, they are now concentrating on product development and improving the user experience. This demonstrates a dedication to ensuring that the platform runs smoothly and meets the demands of its users before considering token economics.

The present strategic initiatives implemented by Orbiter Finance, including the introduction of the “Orbiter Rollup” product and the acquisition of an investment from OKX Vent, illustrate the organization’s ability to adapt to the prevailing conditions. This could eventually redefine how Ethereum users interact with the cryptocurrency world by integrating various Layer-2 networks into a uniform interface on the Polygon network


In addition, the time of any token release is not planned yet, emphasizing more the technical basis and user experience provided by Orbiter, making this a viable option for the future where cross-layer interaction becomes allowed seamlessly.

Scott Cook

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