ORIGYN Announces the Launch of OGY to Power Its NFT Marketplace

The Origyn Foundation has launched its utility token called OGY to power Impossible Things, the upcoming NFT marketplace that is tentatively scheduled to go live on June 13, 2022. The native token is currently trading on Sonic with plans to soon go live on Bitrue, MEXC, and other exchange platforms.

Sonic is a decentralized exchange platform providing permissionless token swaps and liquidity services powered by the Internet Computer. The gas fee is nearly zero on all the transactions.

The Internet Computer vastly supports ORIGYN and Sonic through scalability, speed, and transactional network. As more industry partners and clients join the ORIGYN platform and leverage the potential of ownership, an increasing volume of digital assets will emerge and be able to connect with other open internet services like DeFi.

OGY token is the key if one wants to interact with the ORIGYN platform. It lets users mint, transact, and reference ORIGYN certificates of authenticity. The native tokens fuel the lifespan of each certificate and participation in its on-chain governance.

NFTs offered by ORIGYN are secure and reliable as they are stored on-chain with global distribution. It is also a huge benefit for those considering getting on board the ecosystem of ORIGYN.

While NFTs are attached with references to images or other digital assets, the Internet Company removes the centralized dependencies by storing all the NFTs directly on the blockchain. It enhances their reliability, security, and utility.

ORIGYN is about to introduce its new NFT marketplace, Impossible Things, this month. Users can trade their NFTs on the marketplace once it is launched.

NFTs minted on the platform will have a native HTTPS endpoint, allowing access from any internet application with reliable and transparent purchases. Impossible Things is scheduled to launch the Impossible Pass as a one-time promotion with a limited quantity. Users who get their hands on Impossible Pass will qualify for access to future drops and collectibles on the marketplace.

ORIGYN has a history of giving things back to society, and it earlier partnered with the UEFA Foundation for Children to launch NFTs to generate proceeds. Under the partnership, ORIGYN will mint NFT certificates related to Football collectibles, the physical pieces of which will be sold on Impossible Things.

Urs Kluser, the General Secretary of the UEFA Foundation for Children, said that the foundation was thrilled to partner with ORIGYN to bring the important items for sale on the platform to benefit underprivileged children.

Both share the vision of leveraging the new technology for the benefit of society, bringing them closer to each other and making them good partners.

ORIGYN and Impossible Things minted three NFT football jerseys and auctioned them on the platform. These were created in partnership with Ivan Rakitic and Eugenie Le Sommer. Proceeds generated from the auction were directed to the benefit of the foundation.

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