ORIGYN Foundation takes over CanDB from CanScale

ORIGYN Foundation takes an immense amount of pleasure in coming out with its official declaration of having taken over CanDB from CanScale. With the help of this very incorporation, the entity will be in the position of being able to make digital certificates searchable throughout the IC ecosystem. In the case of the uninitiated, CanScale is an absolute top database software provider which makes provision for allocated data framework for the sake of the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain. 

This taking over will also facilitate the enhancement of innovation, along with forming associations throughout the IC community. This will open the doors for new-age decentralized enterprises, as well as software development. All of this will provide developers the opportunity of being able to upgrade their decentralized applications with the usage of CanDB. They will also not be requiring further funding or a commercial license. 

ORIGYN will be coming out with the ORIGYN Foundation license (OFSL), which is a decentralized license for CanDB, and its purpose is to be able to carry out the sustenance of prime open-source software projects. This license also provides IC projects the opportunity of being able to conveniently utilize the CanDB software and boost the new-age Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) helped projects in the direction of decentralization. This is achieved with the help of the IC’s Service Nervous System DAO Creation Tool (SNS). In this case, Kinic, which is a prime SNS adopter, has gone in for a decentralized license of the CanDB software via ORIGYN.

ORIGYN will be making use of CanDB’s technology to make a list of its NFT canisters. This will give the users the option of a sole and user-friendly interface for scouring the NFTs minted, as well as for sale products that are on the ORIGYN network. This incorporation will help narrow down the overall user exposure and simplify navigation for investors and Web3 conventionals in terms of the ever-growing NFT market. According to the Co-Founder of ORIGYN, Mike Schwartz, this is just another feather in the cap of ORIGYN’s open framework which backs the immediate deliverance of all industry platforms carrying out the shifting of global businesses to Web3. 

The Founder of CanDB, Byron Becker, will be working in tandem with ORIGYN for the backing of the users of CanDB in the role of an advisor, as well as open-source manager for the CanDB software. In his opinion, his company now stands on the threshold of becoming an absolute forward runner and will be engaged in reaching out to more developers and leaders in the Internet Computer ecosystem.  

Trevor Holman

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