Oryen Network dApp updates show teams are 10x faster at developing than Cardano or Polkadot teams

Cardano and Polkadot are some of the most promising projects in the crypto sphere. However, they have gone through painful experiences. A major reason for this is that the rollout of updates sometimes takes months.

Oryen Network Rolls Out Updates 10X Faster

Oryen Network is rolling out updates 10X faster than Polkadot and Cardano developers. While many other metrics can help to tell how well a project will do, none is as important as this one.

Generally, a good way to tell how well a crypto project will perform is by checking how often updates are made. If there are no updates to the code in a while, it is a good sign that the developers are not committed to it. With Oryen Network, updates are being rolled out often. The dashboard and DEX are already in the beta stages. It is a great sign of how well this project will perform when the platform goes live.


What is the Oryen Network?

Oryen Network is a community-centric project based around the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). The OAT is a financial protocol built for the DeFi sector that makes staking easy. Holders of the ORY network can earn the highest fixed APY in the DeFi world, which is set at 90%.

The ORY token holders are automatically inducted into the staking protocol, earning a fixed APY of 90% or a daily ROI of 0.177%. Developers of the Oryen Network are actively working to make it the most important project in the DeFi space. To achieve this goal, they have designed it to be the most community-friendly DeFi protocol in the world.

One way they achieve this is by making it easy and secure to stake. $ORY token holders can stake directly from their crypto wallet. Consequently, they do not need to deposit their funds with a third party, where they would be at risk of being stolen.

Another benefit that ORY holders enjoy is the fast speed of rebase rewards. On most staking platforms, the average speed of rebase rewards is 8 hours. Developers working on Oryen Network have managed to bring it down to just 60 minutes. In the future, they could make it even faster. The result is that users can get maximum rewards once they stop staking at any time.

Staking within the Oryen Network ecosystem is based on a simple formula called buy-hold-earn. Simply buying and holding the $ORY tokens gives you rebase rewards in your wallet every 60 minutes. These rewards compound up to a fixed APY of 90%.

OAT is a powerful and flexible protocol. With time, it will serve as the basis for numerous Oryen products and services. Each of them is designed to transform a different area of the crypto sector.


Oryen Network has an active and committed developer team. It can be seen by the rate at which they roll out updates, surpassing heavyweights already established in the crypto sector. Investing in $ORY tokens is an opportunity to be part of something big.

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Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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