Oryen Network (ORY) dApp looking better than anything on Cardano (ADA) Network so far, Presale live now

While most people know of Ethereum as the go-to blockchain for dApps, Cardano has been working hard to take the mantle from them. Thus far, over 1000 dApps reside on the blockchain. However, many of those dApps have been a disappointment; they do not offer anything new that users could not find elsewhere if they looked.

One project that causes doubt about Cardano’s future as a dApp platform is the Oryen Network dApp. Thus far, the project has gained the attention of the crypto masses, including that few paying attention to Cardano.

Why Oryen Network Matters

A good reason why the Oryen Network could soon overshadow the Cardano blockchain is its unique auto-staking feature. At the heart of the Oryen Network is the Oryen Autostaking Protocol (OAT). The OAT protocol is a new take on how staking works. All ORY token holders will earn the highest fixed APY in the DeFi world.

OAT is a unique protocol that makes automatic staking and compounding simple and fast. Holders of the ORY tokens will get rewards sent to their wallets automatically without depositing them in a centralized smart contract wallet address. Stakers of the ORY tokens stand to earn a fixed APY of 90%, which is the highest in the DeFi world. They also stand to earn a daily ROI of 0.177%.

Easy and Safe

A major reason why Oryen Network will succeed where others have failed is because of how easy and safe it is to stake ORY tokens. Staking only requires an ORY token holder to maintain their tokens in the wallet address without moving them. That is the easiest staking mechanism in the crypto world.

Fast Payout Rate

Another reason why Oryen Network stands out is the speed at which payouts are made. While other protocols have a rewards payout window every 8 hours, the ORyen Network pays rebasing rewards every 60 minutes. That is the fastest rate in the DeFi world.

A complex combination of factors is used to support the price of ORY tokens while ensuring rebasing rewards are paid out every 60 minutes. The factors include game theory, which predicts likely human behavior in a given situation.

OAT is a flexible and powerful protocol. Its uses extend beyond offering the easiest staking mechanism in the DeFi world. In the future, numerous services and products will be launched on this protocol, transforming all aspects of the crypto world.

Who Can Participate in the Oryen Network?

The Oryen Network is a project that embraces everyone. Having created a fantastic protocol, the developers want to share the fruits of their labor with the world. The only ticket you need to be part of this revolutionary ecosystem is ORY tokens.

Currently, the ORY tokens are in the presale phase. These tokens are heavily discounted, which makes them a great deal. When the Oryen Network goes live, many financial experts expect their price to shoot by 15X in a few days. From there, its value could jump by thousands of percentage points quickly.

Get your ticket to the next step in the DeFi evolution by buying some ORY tokens today!

For More Information:-

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register
Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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