Oryen Network sees green as Maker and Evmos post hard losses

After a long streak of flat weeks, with Maker And Evmos posting hard losses, Oryen Network appears as a hope to unfreeze the crypto market. This revolutionary auto-staking protocol progressively gains in value over the weeks of the presale. What’s Oryen’s secret of success?

Oryen’s Recent Performance

ORY, the native token of BSC-based auto-staking solution Oryen Network, could be poised for a price explosion by several bullish market metrics. Oryen opened its ICO sale a month ago and already counted a 200% surge from the initial price.

The rise in these metrics has coincided with several announcements that the Oryen community has welcomed recently, especially regarding its updated presale model. Each presale phase lasts a week, with prices and bonuses constantly renewed. This dynamic change has led to an increased number of unique addresses joining the Oryen Network, ultimately leading to broader adoption and a more robust ecosystem. Currently, the ORY token costs $0.15 and can be purchased from the official website.

Oryen's Recent Performance

What Exactly Is Oryen Network?

Oryen brings tons of innovation to the market. The network introduces OAT, Oryen AutoStaking Technic, which automatically stakes and compounds rewards for users directly in their wallets.

ORY is a rebase token, so its supply is elastic and adjusted to prices. Smart contracts automatically calculate and redistribute these rebase rewards every hour. Meaning $ORY holders’ interests rise by 0.00733% every 60 minutes. This rebasing occurs 24 times a day, so daily ROI can go as high as 0.177% or with a compounding 90% annually. 

Flexible APY during a bear market means you should expect the annual interest rate to drop from 1000% to 1%, as APY is usually adjusted to the project’s market performance and general trends. Meanwhile, this will be different for Oryen since it offers a fixed APY of 90%, supported by several advanced and well-crafted features. 

Buy-and-sell taxes will constantly fund liquidity pools, treasury, and Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallets that back the floor price of ORY during the sharp sell-offs and guarantee the network’s long-term stability.

Why does Maker fall?

Maker is a lending platform well known for its algorithmic stablecoin, DAI. DAI may be generated and utilized in over 400 applications, including Coinbase, Swissborg, and Wyre. MKR, its native coin, is used for ecosystem governance.

The collapse of FTX clearly affected already slumped crypto assets, which could be named as a reason Maker (MKR) is losing value too. Additionally, other stablecoins on the market are beginning to compete with DAI. For instance, USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin backed by USD. It is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance and is seen as a more reliable alternative to Maker (MKR) and its DAI coin. 

Evmos loses value 

Evmos is a Cosmos blockchain-based hub for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This layer one blockchain enables users and developers to install Ethereum smart contracts and assets within the Cosmos ecosystem. However, the protocol’s success was severely impacted by the $190 million Nomad hack and the broader bear market. 

Nevertheless, Evmos is a young blockchain that has brought remarkable improvements to the Cosmos ecosystem, and observers remain optimistic about the project. 

Final Takeaway

While the cryptocurrency market remains turbulent, small-cap altcoins such as Oryen are a beacon of hope for positive change. The initiative will debut on the 30th of December, and while the prices increase weekly, every moment is a chance to earn significant gains.

Learn more from here:-

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register/
Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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