Oryen Network shows strength, Dogecoin and Solana can’t keep up

Lately, the markets have been unfavorable for investors as most projects melt under the mercies of the bear market. Although the current times are highly volatile and uncertain, one particular project has risen to fame by offering insanely high returns for investors, regardless of the prevailing market conditions. 

Dogecoin and Solana continue to struggle

Dogecoin is an open-source, p2p cryptocurrency renowned by the crypto community as Elon Musk’s favorite token. The token was once the world’s favorite meme coin before the birth of Shiba Inu. Its code was written to create an alternative to pioneer projects such as the famous digital Gold, Bitcoin. The project is likely unsustainable as its prices have crashed since the year began as well as having an infinite supply.

Dogecoin can be staked on staking platforms. Binance, the largest crypto exchange, offers Doge staking terms at an annualized percentage return of 7.5% on flexible terms.

On the other side, Solana has been ranked by crypto experts as one of the most promising crypto projects of the decade. The smart contracting platform has established itself as the fastest blockchain network in the entire cryptosphere. Since its launch, Solana has expanded significantly. 

In 2021, Solana rose to rank at the 8th position as one of the largest crypto projects by market capitalization. It has, however, dipped following the rest of the market due to the impact of the bearish market sentiment ongoing and the forced selling from the FTX collapse.

Solana has also established its infrastructure in the NFT space by supporting NFT projects and NFT marketplaces, with SolSea as the largest NFT marketplace and DeGods as the largest NFT project on the network.

Oryen Network is a hedge against the bear market

Oryen Network is an upcoming project that seems to be challenging all standard crypto projects. Compared to Solana’s and Dogecoin’s staking rewards, Oryen provides the highest return on investment, offering investors an annualized 90% staking return on investment.

This staking is facilitated through the signature Oryen Autostacking Technic, which pushes rewards to holders without the requirement of keeping tokens in a contract. This aspect of simplicity and safety has driven the 200% price increase since its inception, meaning early buyers are already in significant profit.

Although Solana and Dogecoin have been around for quite some time, Oryen is showing massive signs of success even though currently on presale. It is rated as one of the Best Presales right now.

Oryen officially launches in a few days, and the launch at $0.35 may end up reaching the $1.00 mark on the same day. Don’t miss out on this project.


For More Information:-

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register
Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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