OSL acquires an upgraded SFC certification

OSL, being the first SFC-certified digital asset platform, has acquired an upgraded version of the certification issued by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. The certification comes into play with immediate effect. OSL is into providing retail investors the opportunity of being able to get themselves listed on its platform and carry out the purchasing and selling of digital asset products. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum. The obtaining of the certification speaks volumes about the company’s attitude towards complying with all regulatory factors in matters of digital assets.

The upgraded certification falls within the gambit of the fresh set of rules being laid down by the regulatory authorities in Hong Kong. This portrays the country as being inclined towards wanting to be the most favored destination for digital assets globally. The regulations push the fact that one’s business in digital assets remains protected and above board in Hong Kong. 

According to the CEO of OSL, Hugh Madden, this upgraded certification will definitely prove to be extremely beneficial for the company. He believes that their continued priority in matters of regulations and abiding by them is the reason behind this enormous achievement.

In the current scenario wherein the crypto space is viewed with trepidation, OSL has remained steadfast regarding its commitment to all regulatory matters being complied with. Retail investors are the ones who benefit the most from this attitude, as they are ensured about factors related to safety and transparency while dealing with OSL and digital assets. OSL has also put in place strict investor safeguarding activities. 

In the opinion of the Head of Regulatory Affairs, Gary Tiu, not only is the upgraded SFC certification extremely valuable for OSL, it opens the doors to revolutionize the way the crypto market, as well as the crypto community, is looked upon. The digital asset space plays an integral part under the current circumstances, and it is a welcome thought that one who delves into it will remain safeguarded.

OSL is supported by BC Technology, which is Asia’s top public fintech and digital asset company. OSL was officially established in 2018 and is a well-known name in the field of digital asset solutions. The company is into rendering services like brokerage, exchange, and custody. Along with that, it provides SaaS technology solutions. OSL boasts of a safe and insured hot and cold wallet framework which helps in keeping digital assets safeguarded and ensures timely transaction settlements.

Trevor Holman

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