OtherWorld announces the launch of a closed beta for ‘Solo Leveling: Unlimited’

OtherWorld has announced the closed beta for ‘Solo Leveling: Unlimited’ (SL: U), a new digital collectibles platform based on the mega-hit webtoon ‘Solo Leveling’ IP. 

A Web3-enhanced version of the popular Solo Leveling series, containing digital artifacts, is coming to Avalanche. 

SL: U presents a captivating environment and a narrative associated with Solo Leveling. This narrative is designed to entice users to participate and enjoy the well-organized narrative through a reward mechanism. OtherWorld is currently developing a customized layer 1 blockchain that includes gasless NFT transactions, utilizing Avalanche’s technology. The base will also be employed for prospective webtoon IPs and K-pop bands.

As Justin Kim, the Head of Korea at Ava Labs, explains, the evolving Solo Leveling will provide comprehensive exposure to its diverse fan base. He believes that it is the quintessential illustration of the integration of mainstream characters, fan bases, and sophisticated technology.

Solo Leveling has evolved into a Webtoon, attracting over 14 billion viewers worldwide. The subsequent installment of the webtoon is an anime, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok. This anime will be presented as a live drama and accompanied by a game, Solo Leveling: Arise.

SL: U has been developed to replicate the original narrative, in which characters advance and develop by overcoming monsters within gates. Monster cards are available for users to acquire as treasure through the gates. Similar to the original narrative, these monster cards can be upgraded, and users who possess high-level monster cards will receive a variety of rewards.

In addition, SL: U will be run seasonally and updated regularly with community contests and other entertaining features. Players who succeed in each season can own a rare Sung Jin-Woo Shadow Monarch PFP.

OtherWorld holds all Web3 rights for 26 webtoon IPs, including Second Life Ranker and Solo Leveling. Additionally, it is capable of utilizing IPs obtained from K-pop bands in collaboration with Cube Entertainment.

The CEO of OtherWorld, Mike Lee, has stated that the popularity of Web3 services is contingent upon the enhancement of three key factors: a blockchain wallet-based authentication method, an environment in which users are required to pay a transfer fee to access the service, and the use of cryptocurrency for payments. OtherWorld’s service will offer solutions that address these issues.


OtherWorld is a Web3 social protocol founded on an open-source infrastructure. Its social graph allows developers to develop and integrate social applications. It utilizes IP utilization rights to establish a decentralized content space.

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