New TINUS Affiliate Program by OVER Gets Launched as the AR Platform Looks to Impress

Although nearly everyone is aware of what Web 3.0 is by now, many may not, however, know about Fashion 4.0. In a nutshell, this is the next step in the evolution of the fashion and clothing industry wherein, through the innovative usage of technological innovation, blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse, the clothing sector is now leaping into the digital realm.

As such, OVER has launched a brand new program titled the ‘TINUS Affiliate Program’, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to provide a state-of-the-art AR platform and memorable experience which goes above and beyond superficial things like race, ethnicity, and color.

What is the new program?

Naturally, one should know exactly what this new program entails prior to taking part in it. To modernize the clothing industry and bring it to the forefront of Fashion 4.0, OVER has initiated the TINUS Affiliate Program. Users can take advantage of this program’s unique and innovative features to try on digital clothes before purchasing them as non-fungible tokens to highlight their individual personalities through their respective online avatars.

In this way, users can actually purchase and virtually wear the different creations which are designed by 3D design houses and artists. Perhaps the most important aspect of all this is the fact that there is no restriction on what a user can wear, nor shall there ever be any discriminatory policies either. Customers can wear whatever they like, and all of these different technologies, colors, and materials hence come together to create something truly unique. There is no dress code either, as the OVER team believes that this is the best way to empower users to express themselves in the digital environment truly.

What is OVER’s end goal with this program?

The OVER team wishes to support and pursue this new concept via the program, in addition to also wanting to establish itself as a reliable reference point for the dissemination of designers’ and fashion brands’ 3D creations. OVER will thus dedicate a space in the newest OVER marketplace to the buying of these clothes, which the users shall be able to purchase from creators and brands in a dedicated section.

The team can therefore help establish the OVER community’s digital identity while also receiving valuable feedback from users via the OVER Metaverse. OVER is thus actively striving to become a digital environment where art can not only be seen but also ‘lived’ regardless of dress code, color, or any other kind of material restrictions.

For more information and regular updates, visit OVER’s official website and the Telegram, Discord, and Twitter channels.

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