OVERDARE and Circle aim to promote mobile gaming and Web3

OVERDARE, Inc., a formidable partnership between KRAFTON, Inc. and NAVER Z Corporation—pioneers in the gaming and metaverse industries—has announced an unprecedented alliance with Circle Internet Financial. 

Circle, a prominent financial company and issuer of USDC, the top regulated USD-backed stablecoin, partnered with OVERDARE to alter mobile gaming, where mobile user-generated content will play a major role. This collaboration will infuse the gaming industry with originality through the introduction of Programmable wallets from Circle, which will enable game developers to conduct USDC transactions with ease.

The OVERDARE, Inc.-developed user-generated content (UGC) mobile game platform is the backbone of the partnership. With its advanced AI-generative tools and features, the platform guarantees a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for artists and players alike. The ‘OVERDARE Studio,’ a full-featured PC-based creative suite, is also being introduced by OVERDARE. It provides developers with unique tools to design and customize gaming experiences on the platform.  

An essential component of OVERDARE’s ecosystem is integrating the Settlus network, which aims to streamline the licensing and monetization process for creative content. Operating as the only layer-1 blockchain, Settlus is implemented on Cosmos, facilitating straightforward and transparent ownership records and transactions. By increasing the scalability and efficacy of revenue distribution for content creators, this integrated solution initiates a novel paradigm in the blockchain’s asset management and monetization.

By adopting Circle’s Programmable Wallets, OVERDARE will also revolutionize the administration of income and intellectual property (IP) for content creators. This initiative intends to facilitate the transition of creators from Web2 to Web3 platforms through the implementation of sophisticated security measures and straightforward asset management. The strategic growth opportunity presents content producers in the gaming and metaverse industries with fresh prospects.

Moreover, as a substitute revenue stream, USDC has been implemented by the platform, thereby mitigating transaction delays and fees for the creators. This system guarantees prompt payment to creators, thereby fostering greater activity within the creator economy.

Henry Park, the chief executive officer of OVERDARE, was ecstatic about the collaboration between OVERDARE and Circle. The dependable and compliance-focused nature of Circle is emphasized as the determining element in providing support for creators and ensuring their well-being. 

Jeremy Allaire, CEO and co-founder of Circle stated in a similar vein that this new partnership will be an opportunity for performers around the globe and will contribute to the development of the digital entertainment industry.

As opposed to conventional outlets, the partnership between OVERDARE and Circle could potentially reshape the digital entertainment landscape, provide content creators with boundless new opportunities, and revolutionize mobile gaming and the metaverse as a whole on the basis of content creator emancipation, security, and innovation.

Scott Cook

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