Ownera Joins Amazon on Hackathon to Launch Digital Securities API

An emerging digital securities network, Ownera combined with Amazon. It will release digital securities API with the help of HyperLedger Fabric blockchain service managed by Amazon. According to recent research, Hyperledger Fabric is a winner for enterprise blockchain projects.

Ownera stated that all the nodes in their network would regulate financial entities such as banks, exchanges, asset managers, etc. who can distribute the assets on the network.

The Ownera API is the powerful integration software for issuance and management of digital security tokens. In LA, there will be an upcoming CIS conference in which Hackathon will be held. In this conference, the demo of the API will be released. The developers can access the platform to use the digital security platform innovatively in the competition.

Ownera is seeking to provide issuance of institutional digital securities as well as trading and management platforms. This will include KYC/AML, ongoing investor management, and investor accreditation.

The company created asset management with a feature of Know Your Asset (KYA) to verify the information of asset and investor rights in an immutable and legal way in the blockchain. It is an important part of digital security. It includes Atomic Swap transaction capabilities to initiate the instant sale of digital-based securities for the currency credit, fiat or digital.

The founder and CEO of Ownera, Ami Ben-David discussed the upcoming evolution of digital securities into the institutional market and how Amazon is helping with the infrastructure.


Ben-David is a well-known face in the world of digital securities. He is also a co-founder of SPiCE VC, which is the first peer-to-peer transfer of the digital currency on the public blockchain of the world. He has a reputation for asset quality over the tokenization. His perspective will surely take the digital securities in the forward direction for the long term.

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