PAC Global Launched an Innovative Blockchain Network

Emerging blockchain provider PAC Global, LLC, announced the launch of its unique one-of-its-kind codebase. This codebase can revolutionize the manner in which money is spent globally, along with next-generation use case applications.

The codebase developed by PAC Global offers global, instant, and safe virtual payment solutions using leading blockchain technology. The company utilizes numerous distributed ledgers all across the world to quickly verify transactions in a decentralized manner. The verification and transaction process does not require a third-party intermediary like that of a bank, thus giving the best and cost-effective solution to their clients and traders alike.

CEO of PAC Global, Drew Saunders, said that,

With the launch of our new next-generation codebase, we have created the foundation for a truly scalable and reliable payment network that spans the globe. This enables our core community developers the ability to build a wide variety of merchant focused solutions, thereby impacting the financial industry as we know it today.

He also appreciated the team of developers for developing this futuristic platform that will set the stage for further development. He said,

Furthermore, I would like to especially thank our in-house development team for their hard work and dedication in building out our cutting-edge platform.

PAC Global, LLC, is a virtual currency that is publicly traded under the symbol “PAC.” The Wyoming-based firm is exclusively focused on giving the world the next-gen blockchain network solutions. According to, it is currently ranked as the fifth-biggest truly decentralized master node network around the world that has above 5,000 active nodes situated across the globe. The main applications of this network at the moment are merchant handling and charity; however, the Company is planning to give out its network to third-party users for supply chain/inventory management, Intellectual Property (IP) storage and distribution, and other use cases.

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