Pacific Meta X Chainlink Labs: Boosts overseas Web3 projects

Pacific Meta, which is a Web3 consulting organization, takes great pleasure in coming out with its official announcement of having formed an exclusive collaboration with Chainlink Labs. Through this, both entities will be actively involved in increasing the overall acceptance of Chainlink services. This brings into focus Japan’s Chainlink VRF and which will be opening the doors for furthering the Chainlink Build program where the markets of Japan are concerned. 

Chainklink Labs is actively involved in offering safe, as well as dependable open source blockchain oracle solutions which help to improve the quality of smart contracts. This is achieved with the linking of an entire array of off-chain data sources, as well as computations. The entity also looks into the overall development and incorporation of Chainlink in the form of a decentralized oracle infrastructure that comes into use for smart contracts through every blockchain. 

Chainlink, on the other hand, is a benchmark in terms of the Web3 services platform. It has been responsible for a massive number of transactions throughout DeFi, as well as on-chain finance, gaming, along with NFTs and various other businesses. 

Pacific Meta is a service-oriented consultation organization offering complete backing for internal as well as global Web3 projects. However, they are more heavily inclined towards GameFi. They have their representatives stationed in almost all parts of the globe and are into forming a link between Japan and every place outside the country in terms of the Web3 arena. 

Pacific Meta is into offering all-inclusive and professional marketing-related backup for overseas Web3 projects which exist in the Japanese markets. They are also involved in the planning related to development, as well as localization, along with promotional activities and the management of communities.

Furthermore, there is the in-house media which is run by them and works towards increasing the knowledge related to Web3 projects in the case of users in Japan through platforms such as web media, as well as Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and Instagram. The entity is also into providing assistance in matters of promoting the overall acceptance of Web3 by initiating marketing-oriented events in the country. 

However, as far as the Chainlink ecosystem is concerned, Pacific Meta will do its bit by providing assistance for startups and businesses to be able to get connected with Chainlink’s top Web3 services. It has close associations with Web3 gaming studios in Japan for making use of the Chainlink VRF. 

Trevor Holman

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