Paima gets $1.4M from Cardano to build AW infrastructure

Paima Studios, an industry-leading framework for the creation of L2s for gaming, has received a grant worth $1.4 million from Cardano. It will now be redirected to the efforts of constructing an Autonomous World infrastructure. The grant by Cardano has been reported to be the largest in the Web3 sphere.

Paima Studios is celebrating this milestone by releasing the code on GitHub. As a matter of fact, the code has already been released and is available for developers who want to build a game.

Paima Studios has chosen Cardano for its on-chain treasury, which empowers users to decide how they want to spend treasury funds. The network has, so far, accumulated $350 million. Users can cast their votes based on how many ADAs they hold. This means a single vote is counted for every ADA user holds. Funds are distributed periodically across thousands or hundreds of teams. This amounts to approximately $10 million in funds.

What makes Cardano the best partner for Paima Studios is the fact that it has active and passionate users for NFT and gaming.

The development has worked well for the native token, which is ADA. The value is trading at $0.26, an increase of 0.44% in the last 24 hours. The value has also gone up in the last 5 days by 2.47%. Moving forward, the grant will enable Paima Studios to integrate projects like zk Layer, AI Layer, and DA Layer.

Paima Studios is celebrating securing the grant by refunding all those who bought the pre-order of Tarochi. It is an upcoming RPG Game that is expected to be released in the days to come. Paima Studios has called it their first major step in the direction of having an entire village in an RPG title. It will also feature quests and monsters, among other elements.

The Studios has concluded the announcement by thanking all the community members and expressing their gratitude for helping secure the ambitious grant from Cardano.

The Paima Studios community has responded with excitement to this announcement. Most of them have congratulated the team for securing the massive grant in the Web3 sphere, while others have started adding The before Cardano, depicting that they can change the course for any community at a given time.

Composable Labs has confirmed this announcement. The team has requested that everyone begin to take the Autonomous World seriously. According to Composable, Paima Studios’ acquisition of the grant creates the impression that Autonomous Worlds are finally being acknowledged.

As for its code being live on Github, Paima Studios has said that the team has already received its first contribution from an external member. Interested participants can check the documentation published by Paima Studios or join its official Discord server to get started.

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