Palmare and WarX Game Enter Into a Strategic Partnership

Palmare has entered into a strategic partnership with WarX Game, a player vs. player metaverse gaming world. It grants the community of Palmare access to the gaming metaverse with a chance to earn WXG tokens while competing with other players.

Gaming features that will now be available for the community to enjoy are play-to-earn, metaverse gaming, free-to-play, NFT characters, and stake-to-earn.

Players can engage with the content and earn some money at the same time. NFTs are available throughout the gaming metaverse that can only be won with good strategies and better guns & characters. There is no charge to play the game, making the concept of play-to-earn more interesting.

WarX Game is led by Nikolas Geo, the Chief Executive Officer & Blockchain Head. He is backed by the team consisting of Rizzo Difs, Game Developer; Boroxi Jack, Editor; and Fikal Cli, Marketing Manager.

Its roadmap started in April 2022, when the main task was to assemble a team for social media and the website. Come June 2022, the platform will focus more on the launch of the airdrop, partnerships, and IDO & marketing.

Partnerships continue in July 2022, and the one with Palmare makes it evident. The plan is to get the token listed in the third quarter of 2022. Various exchange platforms are being considered to ensure that the community can trade the token. It will be followed by the distribution of tokens, NFT characters, and minting.

Palmare is a Web3-based sports app that is driven by its community. Palmare consists of SportsFi and SocialFi elements. It is based on the principle that has taken the fitness industry by storm and moving to Earn forms the basis for Palmare and its community.

Even though it is majorly for the sports community, others too can participate in the game based on well-performed research and an optimized earning system.

Fitness can look tough, but it pays out well for people.

Additionally, users who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency can leverage the crypto feature of Palmare to start earning money. Non-crypto fans can also participate in the segment and experience the craze of cryptocurrency. Users earn with Palmware in three ways depending on the kind of contribution they make to the community.

Train to Earn is when users participate in a sport to burn their calories. It could include bikes or any other favorite sport. Engage to Earn is when users contribute content to the sports community. However, they must remain active through social engagement to fill their pockets.

Check-in to Earn is the third and final way of contributing to the community. It enables users to check in at different places while riding a bike. Palmware makes the check-in visits interesting by lining up quests for the players who go on to earn tokens upon completion of the quest.

The strategic partnership of Palmare with WarX Game follows the strategic partnership with PearDAO that was announced a day ago.

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