PancakeSwap Reveals Fixed Term Staking on the Cards

PancakeSwap has announced its latest offering to users in the form of fixed-term staking. The latest announcement made on Medium shows that the arrival of the fixed-term pool is imminent and offers a high quantum of flexibility and convenience to users who have investments through $CAKE. Users can benefit from this new feature through higher incentives and yield amounts for an extended period.

The Medium article stated that the Cake Syrup Pool is an exciting development for Chefs who are interested in fixed-term staking. The launch of this amazing new pool will begin after the completion of the security audits and are allowing users to dive into the sweet syrup.

The realm of PancakeSwap emphasizes that enhancing the CAKE tokenomics plays a crucial role in burning more $CAKE and helps PancakeSwap enhance the supply circulation.

Fixed-term and Flexible

The team indicated that the presence of one Cake Syrup Pool would be enough for a complimentary mixture of fixed-term staking and flexible staking. Launched in April 2021, the $CAKE Syrup Pool has over 130 million CAKE with many offerings of simplicity and ease to the customers.

The PancakeSwap team opines

Just Stake the pancakes and forget about it. You can enjoy seeing our staked balance of CAKE  GOP blocks grow incrementally.

Sources have confirmed that the Auto Cake Feature will undergo replacement, and the flexible staking option of the $CAKE Syrup Pool will take its place. Users can enhance the locking period of their $CAKE in the pool, thus leading to enhanced flexible staking options reinforced with a linearly boosted APY.

Longer locking periods of the $CAKE will boost the final yield. Automatic staking is done for the Fixed-term compound users as well as they can earn CAKE rewards till the lock duration expires.

But the million-dollar question is when will the above features finally be introduced?

The team indicates that they are temporarily in the waiting period to enter into smart contracts for the latest CAKE pool. After the finalization, the whole CAKE ecosystem will undergo a regulatory audit process through reputed third-party industry-endorsed organizations.

The team expects the audits to be completed successfully very shortly, and the migration process will be initiated before mid-April, after which they will introduce MasterChef V2. 

About PancakeSwap

It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) supported on the BNB chain. With varied features like Swapping, Liquidity Pools, Syrups Pools, and Swapping, these exchanges offer cutting-edge tech protocols to the users and enable them to capitalize on their crypto assets through NFT collectibles lotteries and to earn through yield farming. PancakeSwap is the top apex player in the DEX platform on the BSC because of its largest market trading volumes.

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