Panerora ICO Is Pushing Out Banks from the Remittance Industry

The impact of fintech has become very noticeable in the past few years. The blockchain-based services have not only started to take portions of the banking markets but have also become a top choice for nonbank markets as well. With so many in need of banking services, especially on the African continent, is the solution that the world needs.

Putting Blockchain to Good Use

Panerora’s payment solution employs the use of one of today’s most innovative technologies: blockchain. Through this novel implementation, Panerora users can effectuate money transfers at lightning speeds from everywhere around the world, all at a fraction of the cost of regular banking fees.

The Panerora token (PNR) is set to be a game-changer. Through it, the network participants will have the opportunity to perform money transfers in an instant and without any burdening costs. Panerora had in mind the banking needs of the African people when it developed its fintech product.

This efficient cross-border transfer system will be available to anyone in Africa and will help them get their money with no delays and hassles.

Storing Funds Securely

Panerora users will have their own web wallet, which they can use to send, receive, and store their PNR funds. The wallet data and funds are encrypted through public and private keys that allow only its owner to access the funds.

In addition to private keys, users will have their own unique seed phrase generated with which they can recover their funds in case they are locked out of their wallets.

Fast Processing Times

Sometimes it can take days, even weeks, for money to reach their destination with traditional banking systems, but this is not the case with Panerora.

Anyone can send his funds to a Panerora wallet, where the funds are instantly exchanged and deposited as PNR. The entire process takes no more than a few seconds. The wallet owner can then cash out his PNR into any fiat currency he needs.

The PNR-to-fiat conversion will be handled by Panerora’s local branches and OTC exchange partnerships, assisting the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Panerora will use most of its funds in building many strong partnerships, as well as offices and branches, in order to further the mass adoption of its services and meet the needs of the African continent.

Inexpensive Fees

While most banking services charge high fees for their cross-border transactions, token transfers made over the Ethereum network incur a negligible fee. This fee is called the “gas” fee, and it is needed to move PNR coins from one address to another.

In the “gas” money contract there is an amount of ETH deposited by Panerora. Using the Ethereum deposit, the gas fee is reduced when users buy or send PNR, and restituted to the users in ETH at their following transaction. The recipient will then receive the amount without the gas fee.

The protocol is not only convenient for PNR users, but also for the functionality and the performance of the token. As the system keeps reducing the number of PNR, which have a limited supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens, the coin will go up in price, as there will be a higher demand for them.

All of Africa Will Benefit from Panerora

Panerora will create a total of twenty branches that will dot the African continent. The first office from their network will be opened in Tanzania. Other countries that will have subsidiaries will be: Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana,wentymy Panerora. Using the ETH and Congo.

Gaining mass adoption in Africa is what will propel Panerora to expand onto other regions that also suffer from banking issues.

Don’t Miss the Panerora ICO

To accomplish its goal of becoming the ultimate payment solution for the unbanked, Panerora will be hosting an ICO fundraise capped at 250 million dollars in ETH. The launch of this blockchain remittance system will forever change the state of remittance in Africa.

Early investors are estimated to be getting a handsome return on their investment.

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