Pangolin Teams Up with Augmented Finance

Users now can engage in effectively farming GVX LPs platforms and stand to earn more rewards. Industry experts say that more than a thousand percent of profits can be achieved by getting profits on the deposited funds. 

Enhancing Cross-Chain Liquidity 

This next-generation liquidity protocol forms a fundamental aspect of DeFi. Augmented Finance is creating ripples among the ability of gaming companies and financial institutions to engage in cross-chain compatibility. The new partnership enables customers to engage in the process of lending and simultaneously borrowing across multiple platforms. 

The high degree of liquidity through super farming on the Pangolin platform is empowering people. This decentralized finance launch prototype can be a pilot model for multi-change incubators. Many companies are initiating the public sale of QI tokens to gain the trust of the public in this partnership. The introduction of liquidity through entry chains creates a strong foundation on which the future of Augmented Finance can be built. Successful digital assets are emerging from the shadows and helping users make profits on assets. Pangolin’s core marketing campaign is to protect the long-term viability of these assets and also increase their market exposure and improve the long-term value.

About Pangolin Exchange 

Pangolin is a decentralized exchange in partnership with the Avalanche network. The synergy of these two networks provides the best experience in the digital ecosystem of decentralized financial exchanges. The idea is to ensure a flawless reintegration of multi-chain incubators on global markets with no dearth of liquidity.

Augmented Finance is laying the groundwork for multi-chain liquidity and enabling a long tail of new digital assets, allowing consumers to put these assets to work while keeping long-term value exposure.

The Mid-Term Roadmap for Augmented Finance includes launching Augmented Finance on Multiple EVM Chains and creating a mobile version that is easy to use.

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