Pantera Capital purchases a goldmine of Solana tokens

A person familiar with the development has said that Solana tokens were auctioned off by the administrators running the indebtedness of the FTX crypto exchange. It has been estimated that 2000 Solana tokens were sold this week, a person who preferred to be anonymous said. He disclosed this on the condition of anonymity since sales information is not yet public. 

Spokespersons of FTX estate and Pantera were not immediately available for comment regarding the purchase. The FTX had sold two-thirds of Solana tokens worth $2.6 billion in an amazingly discounted deal that brought Pantera and Galaxy Digital together.

A whopping amount of 41 million Solana Tokens owned by FTX tokens are locked according to a vesting period mutually agreed upon. These Solana tokens are not available for trading in the market now, but they will be available for sale within four years. Individuals familiar with the matter revealed that the tokens were sold at a higher price than the $60 price garnered in the previous auction, and they added that two other auctions are on the anvil.

Solana’s SOL fluctuated around $145 on Thursday, and it has rallied more than 1300% since the beginning days of the previous year. Solana token tumbled an unimaginable 94% in 2022 when FTX estate urged protection from bankruptcy. The deal is a part of auctions geared towards controlling asset liquidation owned by the currently bankrupt FTX estate. It is reported that a major portion of Solana tokens valued at $2.6 billion has already been auctioned off. Solana was sold off at a very high price compared to the earlier ones auctioned, and it denotes the massive potential of Solana tokens in spite of its collaboration with FTX.

An outstanding resilience has been observed in the market price of the Solana token, and it was trading around $146 in the backdrop of the current market trend. The next auction is on the pipeline and bidders all over the globe anxiously wait for additional tokens. Pantera Capital’s involvement in recently concluded auctions signals their investment approach to digital asset classes. The team at Pantera Capital is keen on exploring the immense growth potential of digital assets. Pantera and investment organizations like Galaxy Digital have big plans to capitalize on the future appreciation of the token. It reflects the potential of Solana-powered blockchain technology, and this trend is rapidly progressing despite the previous turbulent times in the market.

The publication of locked Solana tokens to avoid marketplace saturation will ultimately pave the way towards a sharp decline in the value of the token. The systematic allocation is in line with initiatives to stabilize the value of Solana tokens and ensures that these tokens will be introduced into the market smoothly. Pandera is the first American institutional asset management company with an exclusive focus on blockchain technology. Solana is well known among crypto circles as an inflationary cryptocurrency with no upper limit on the total number of tokens.

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