Pantos Shares Roadmap for 2020

About Pantos:

Pantos is the first multi-blockchain token system developed by the Bitpanda team as a part of their new research project. It is a project that is devised as a remedy for the progressively fragmented digital currency market, eyeing to posit new yardsticks for decentralized cross-chain token transfers. This strategic open-source, open-innovation piloted project goes about by forming a coalition between all significant blockchain platforms. By collaborating with different blockchain projects, a seamless movement between blockchains through the intuitive conversion of tokens is ensured, thereby boosting the crypto ecosystem in turn.

To battle the unprecedented rise in new blockchain projects in recent times, after its conception by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, Pantos believes posing questions, sharing, and communicating effectively has become more imperative to empower the blockchain community. Therefore, at such a nascent stage of development, Pantos is keen on finding solutions to complex research questions, communicating the findings, discussing the challenges, addressing the yet to be solved sections in scientific research papers.

And this is what that has set Pantos apart from all the other sound cross-blockchain projects. Pantos, in its endeavor to create and enable innovations that have not been achieved by other cross-chain enterprises, have identified two research prototypes. It intends to create proofs-of-concept for the findings besides the scientific papers.

As a result, in partnership with the Distributed Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology, Pantos was able to successfully conclude the first research on Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST); publish five White Papers and develop the TAST research prototype (DeXTTT: Deterministic Cross-Blockchain Token Transfers). The prototype (documented and available on GitHub) reveals how to adapt the concepts in a practical situation.

On November 28, 2019, with the publication of White Paper VII, Pantos laid out a roadmap ahead with the vision to be more product-focussed than Proof-of-Content focussed.

Pantos Enlists a roadmap

  • Testimonium – Generic Prototype: Pantos, in its sixth paper, went on to unravel a fundamental aspect of blockchain transactions; that is how the Cross-blockchain transaction verifications can be carried out by the on-chain execution of Simplified Payment Verifications (SPVs). It stated that by resorting to an incentive structure that would inspire participation, malpractices in the system could be prevented. This complete decentralized manner of working features on top of the Pantos roadmap.
  • Developed Prototype: With the structure proposed in the seventh paper, Pantos focuses on the incentive scheme. As per the developed prototype, the blockchain relays will take the proof on-demand approach where the block headers are going to be accepted and completely acknowledged if identified as illegal by off-chain clients. This incentive structure entails six times cheaper blockchain relays as opposed to traditional relays.
  • Re-examination of Prototype: Pantos intends to check the developed prototype to find out if it requires any upgradation after the incentive structure is incorporated.
  • Keep an Open Eye: At every step, Pantos would continue to assess, reassess its findings, look for new scientific avenues to enrich the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Updated Prototype to Be Tested in Public Domain: Once the required changes based on functionality are incorporated on the prototypes, they are going to be tried out amidst the public.
  • Release of the Final Product: Only after the test passes the late-stage prototype phase meets the vision of enabling cross-blockchain value and data transfer, technology along with the product will be floated in the market.

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