Param Labs to promote MENA and global gaming with Animoca Brands

Param Labs and Animoca Brands establish an exclusive partnership to support the former’s go-to-market strategy, which includes the introduction of Web3 products. Furthermore, the development of Param Lab’s blockchain and token economy architecture is being improved. Animoca Brands promotes digital property rights with respect to the open metaverse and gaming, whereas Param Labs is a leading participant in the technology and gaming industries.

Param Labs is a development studio headquartered in Abu Dhabi that specializes in the creation of infrastructure and video games for the next iteration of gaming. Its portfolio includes the Web3 TPS Kiraverse and the leading platform Pixel To Poly, which converts 2D NFTs to 3D game-ready files for use in Fortnite Creative Mode, Grand Theft Auto V, and other titles.

Param Labs is providing its Pixel To Poly platform to Animoca Brand in order to facilitate the selection of its projects and clientele as part of the collaboration. Thus, the conversion of 2D art to 3D game-ready assets will be facilitated. This will involve the application of artificial intelligence to refine the evolving pattern in order to advance design proportions.

In addition to its litepaper that describes its game economy and framework, Param Labs is preparing for a number of exercises, including the release of a free-mint NFT. Implementing Param Lab’s innovative Web3 infrastructure comprises a network of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services running on parallel VMs such as Move and SVM.

The affiliation represents a significant milestone for both Param Labs and the Web3 gaming ecosystem in the MENA region. Param Labs, supported by Animoca Brands, is prepared to advance in the Web3 and gaming industries.

Anthony Anderson, a Founding Partner of Param Labs, asserts that the partnership with Animoca Brands will provide the opportunity to ascend to the pinnacle of the gaming industry as a whole.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, asserts that collaborating with Param Labs will facilitate the expansion of digital property rights within the gaming industry.

Param Labs is well-known for its application of blockchain and AI technologies to advance the gaming vertical, which is currently worth a staggering $200 billion.

In regards to Animoca Brands, the organization is a Web3 behemoth that employs blockchain technology to distribute digital rights to consumers worldwide in order to establish the open metaverse.

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