ParamountDax Revolutionary Exchange with World’s Fastest Transaction Speed

ParamountDax is the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, which has incorporated state-of-the-art features as well as innovations, which will revolutionize cryptocurrency trading. ParamountDax has been licensed before its launch date.

ParamountDax uses high-speed and high-performance servers equipped with the highest levels of security.

ParamountDax Revolutionary Exchange with World’s Fastest Transaction Speed

ParamountDax will enable 100,000 transactions per second and will scale it up to 1 million transactions per second. Additionally, users will be able to cancel their transactions without paying a fine or fee. Moreover, the transaction fees will be kept as low as possible.

ParamountDax’s CEO, Roberto A., said,

Existing exchanges…are going back to what we were supposed to be freed from high fees. That’s why we at ParamountDax decided to drop our fees.


Paramount will divide security into two parts:

  • User Security
  • Exchange Security

User Security:

  • ParamountDax will follow stringent Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protocols, where even 2FAs considered weak will not be allowed.
  • Passwords will have to be at least 8 letters long and will have to include upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.
  • The user will have to verify his email by opening the link sent by the exchange from his registered email id.
  • Account login is possible only from the verified IP address. Users will have to confirm a new IP address through confirmation mail sent to their registered email id.
  • Users will need to validate their IP addresses for each withdrawal.
  • The user will be notified by email of every transaction.

Exchange Security:

  • ParamountDax has security protocols such as Secure Header on HTTP Request / Response like X-frame-options, X-XSS Protection, HTTP Only, Set Secure flag
  • Suspicious users to be prevented by the XSS-clean method.
  • DDoS to be prevented using periodic penetration testing.


  1. ParamountDax will add its order book to a collection server which will be shared among various connections. This will form a collective pool to tackle liquidity problems.
  2. ParamountDax exchange will be able to carry out 100,000 transactions per second at present. It will develop its system to handle even 1 million transactions per second.
  3. All data collected from users for fulfilling KYC criteria will be encrypted.
  4. ParamountDax will incorporate All Pages-All Features where the interface can access all features on page free basis for an enriching experience.
  5. ParamountDax platform supports all major languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Russian.
  6. ParamountDax provides cold storage for all digital wallets with only a minimum amount essential for processing kept on the exchange.
  7. Professional customer specialists to be available 24/7 throughout the year to help the customers make informed decisions. Concept of color tickets to be implemented to make problem-solving faster.

Features to increase user earnings:

  1. ParamountDax to allow large OTC trading without having to do an escrow or hire a lawyer.
  2. Users to be divided into Silver Line, Gold Line, Platinum Line and Black Line based on their holding of PRDX token which is the native token of ParamountDax and will get daily revenue share up to 46%.
  3. ParmaountDax will use special indicators to monitor profit and loss in trading in real-time
  4. Custom API to benefit users who contribute to the development of custom API for third parties.

Referral points for inviting friends to join ParamountDax exchange.

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