Paras connects with Astar network and Polkadot

Paras has taken the initiative of further increasing its overall reach and has successfully connected with the Astar Network, as well as the Polkadot Network. This was carried out through Launchpad, along with an entire array of more products that will be delivered in time to come. 

As per the Founder and CEO of Paras, Riqi, they are convinced about the significance of multichain, and therefore connecting with the Polkadot ecosystem will provide the opportunity for projects to be further compatible where separate blockchains are concerned. 

The Astar Network being a parachain for Polkadot will make it possible for Paras to be able to conveniently connect with the overall Polkadot community. 

Astar Network comes up strong with the community in Japan. Recently, Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), which is a segment of the biggest railway network in Japan, has come forward with its official announcement that it will be releasing NFTs on the Astar Network

Aster community is inclined towards manga and anime, options will open up for carrying out further associations via Paras’ comic book product, the Paras comic. Through the expertise that lies with Paras and the Astar Network, it will pave the way for building new-age comics backed by NFTs.

Paras Launchpad created the smart contract with the utilization of ink, which is a domain-oriented language, eDSL, and which has been duly written in Rust. This provides the opportunity for Paras to be able to attain the benefits of Rust’s features, like type security, as well as memory security and stringent mistake-correcting abilities. 

Further to all of that, the Paras Launchpad makes use of the Web Assembly Smart Contract (WASM), which in turn, provides high functionality and compact binary size, which helps to work upon the functions of the Paras smart contract. 

Even though the smart contracts are written in Rust and put together for WASM, NEAR, as well as Astar have separate smart contract infrastructures and positioning flows. In the case of NEAR, Paras makes use of near-sdk-rs infrastructure, as well as near-cli in the form of prime tools, whereas, in ink, Paras makes use of ink library, as well as cargo contract and Polkadot. 

Over and above all of that, the prime factor is Paras’ innovative product, the Refundable  NFT Launchpad. Through this, Riqi intends to win over the faith of mainstream Web2 users with the help of the company’s refunding abilities. Besides that, Paras Launchpad has the vision of being able to offer user-friendly NFT building tools, in terms artists, as well as builders and businesses, to be in the situation of building their very own NFT projects and conveniently. In this matter, the entity has been able to execute this on the NEAR network and will do the same on the Astar network. As a part of the entity’s future plans, they will be delivering various projects on the Astar Network and linking the Paras token with ETH and BNB.  

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