Paribus and Milkomeda Join Hands for Cardona Migration

After the previous week’s announcement, Paribus shared another news that brings its project near and turns into Cardano’s primary transaction platforms. The latest announcement is about the integration with Milkomeda sidechains into the Cardano network.

Utilizing Milkomeda’s service for integrating sidechain, Paribus integrates with the mainchain and settle the fees for the transaction using wrapped ADA (wADA). Milkomeda is an experienced firm wrapping up in smart contracts to enable this, a novel and interesting invention that allows Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based sidechains to join.

The latest EVM-designed side chains are known as M1, and this is not the first sidechain of Milkomeda but Cardano sidechains.

dcSpark, the parent company of Milkomeda, was created by Emergo team members with a remarkable record of delivering key products in the crypto field.

Interoperability, the decentralized finance for the future, is quite promising. Paribus considers this a key step toward a fully integrated DeFi cross-chain infrastructure built on Cardano.

About dcSpark

dcSpark, a Crypto Ecosystem — is a well-established Blockchain product firm that works towards developing key products on top of the most promising crypto initiatives. Since they have the domain knowledge across the whole Blockchain stack, their solutions provide a promising user experience.

Nicolas Arqueros, Robert Kornacki, and Sebastien Guillemot established dcSpark in the month of April 2021. The decision to form this new firm stemmed after founders realized that they needed to devote their entire attention to their enthusiasm for developing B2C products that would help crypto solutions gain traction.

About Paribus

Built with the Cardano Blockchain, Paribus is considered one of the leading cross-chain transaction platforms. Paribus is well-positioned, helping the industry realize the true value of non-traditional assets like NFTs. Paribus relies on a complex dynamic algorithm. It intends to create cross-chain liquidity for traditional and modern digital assets, including liquidity positions, virtual land, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Paribus’ ultimate goal is to tap into latent on-chain wealth throughout the whole crypto market.

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