Partisia Enters Partnership With Cardano Co-Founder Emurga Ventures

Cardano levels up its privacy infrastructure with a partnership deal closed by Emurga Ventures, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. This deal with Partisia Blockchain will bring a suite of privacy tools like privacy-preserving Zero-Knowledge (ZK) and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to Cardano dApp developers. With Emurga’s support, Partisia Blockchain expects a large-scale implementation of its cross-chain privacy protocols.

Privacy has become a keyword in the digital space in recent times thanks to increasing digital literacy and the ongoing legal combats. A venture capital firm named a16z stated that the next decade would be marked by the ability to communicate without revealing one’s data and having to compromise user privacy. So, the firms are ultimately turning towards securing robust privacy infrastructures through partnerships and integrations.

Emurga Ventures has secured a proactive deal with Partisia Blockchain to address the issues with current privacy models in the dApps. In this first-of-its-kind deal, Partisia will offer its cross-chain security protocols to dApps on Cardano to be used with ADA or other Cardano native tokens. Not only that, the Partisia will develop customized smart contracts for Cardano developers to suit various functions of the dApps.

On top of everything, Cardano developers can exploit other privacy functions like privacy-preserving Zero-Knowledge and Multi-Party Computation to bring next-generation privacy controls to the users. Partisia will launch the full version of the smart contract programming language by mid-2022. Developers can access the above-said functions using this exclusive programming language.

Ken Kodama, the CEO and Founder of Emurga believes that this partnership will add more elements to their toolbox to bring privacy services facing huge demand recently. As the Zero-Knowledge tools are already key to creating a new privacy layer for the web, many crypto experts lauded this timely deal of Emurga Ventures with Partisia.

Emurga Ventures is a subsidiary of Emurga Ptd. Ltd., created for investing in startups and ideas to offer better services to users and keep the blockchain ahead of competitors. The firm is the commercial arm of Cardano and invested $100 million in the development of dApps and middleware solutions on Cardano. Given its position as a founding member, Emurga has large-scale leveraging capabilities for blockchain development.

Partisia Blockchain is a public blockchain network developed for “trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization.” The blockchain is also the first to integrate with a distributed cryptography called Secure Multi-Party Computation(SMPC). Partisia combines Distributed Ledgers with privacy software and allows startups and enterprises to exploit the opportunities of decentralized technologies while keeping the data private and secure.

Brian Callagher, the co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, said that the blockchain was developed with a collaborative approach to bring their privacy contracts across networks. He further takes this partnership as a sign of demand for their services in the crypto space.

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