Partnership of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and UTrust to work on ETC Payment Method

Ethereum ClassicETC

An ETC will be in high demand following the active participation of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and UTrust to work collectively on it. Since the market slashed, the price of Ethereum Classic remains sluggish. ETC considered being on a bearish move following numerous cryptocurrencies that also included Ethereum. The scenario will change soon where ETC start gaining its adoption as one of the fastest expanding payment processors on the top of Crypto world.

The ETC fans are excited about the joint efforts of ETC’s development team and UTrust teams to create payment solutions for the cryptocurrency. When the approval of this solution in place, the ETC will be in high demand and likely to raise its price and volume altogether. Additionally, ETC’s listing on Coinbase excites crypto traders and markets. Needless to say that the Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, and so the platform will be actively used by Ethereum Classic in the crypto market.

Based on the strategic partnership, Nuno Corresia, CEO of UTrust said in his statement that “as much as the blockchain technology has enabled decentralized payments methods and unsettled the traditional financial system, UTrust’s main goal is to support that revolution by ensuring better and faster transaction processing at low costs as well as guaranteeing consumer protection for users who want to adopt ETC for payments and fiat conversions.”

On the Technicality front, UTrust, a developer of payment solutions to significantly increase the transaction by resolving any disputes emanating from it. UTrust has certain mechanism and policies in place. In a nutshell, UTrust’s control mechanism executes in a similar way like Visa or PayPal.

The strategic partnership of ETC and UTrust place the cryptocurrency amongst the major cryptos powered by UTrust. The cryptos that are traded on UTrust are Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum, Ripple with more are expected to include in the list going forward.

Let us not forget that cryptocurrencies execute online payment process easier, fair, faster, secure and cost-effective compared to existing payment methods providers like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Through the use of Crypto, a user can execute a payment-related transaction from anywhere in the world. The process entails by clicking of a button on the smartphone however without the involvement of any third party. UTrust would like to pacify all those complexities emanating from the involvement of the third party!!

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