Pastel Network and Polygon Studios Form Strategic Alliance

Pastel Network recently announced a partnership with Polygon Studios. The collaboration will see the ventures bring Copymint Security and NFT Permanent Storage to the Polygon NFT network.

Besides, Polygon will aim to offer Pastel’s Cascade and Sense protocols to its NFT user base. The partnership showcases the ongoing success of Polygon and Pastel, proving to be a huge step for the NFT market overall.

The projects will collaborate to increase the security, verifiability, and reliability of NFTs using Pastel’s advanced mechanism. Moreover, Pastel is working with Polygon Studios to boost its mission of bringing Web3 protocols to Polygon.

This way, it can be incorporated across every L1 and L2 dApp. The teams will collaborate with other market-leading NFT projects, Metaverse and gaming platforms, and marketplaces on Polygon.

It will enable functionalities like:-

  • Near-Duplicate NFT Detection: A deep learning technology analyzes the rarity of NFTs to identify copyright infringement, counterfeits, or scams. It provides certification of authenticity to the users.
  • NFT Metadata and Data Storage: It is a permanent, fully distributed, and completely redundant storage system. It allows users to pay once and store assets indefinitely. It also prevents centralized point of failures, IPFS pinning, 404 errors, and monthly subscription maintenance.

Since these protocols are lightweight with Web3 Open APIs interoperability, Polygon Studios members can directly use Pastel’s near-duplicate NFT metadata and NFT detection in a cryptographically distributed, redundant, and secure manner.

In the long run, Pastel will collaborate to integrate Cascade and Sense at the Polygon Protocol level to enhance Polygon’s network significantly. This way, users can access Sense’s rareness scoring while minting non-fungible tokens using the Polygon RPC URL.


Users will also get the option to access permanent storage on Cascade using Polygon’s NFT.Storage functionality that serves as a backup or IPFS alternative. This integration allows Polygon and Pastel to bring decentralized NFT security and permanence across both ecosystems.

Roxanne Williams

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