Paycent Is Joining Binance Chain Ecosystem, Ready To Issue PYN (BEP-2) Tokens

The excitement is through the roof. This is natural if you were to be in Paycent’s position. The company has joined hands with the Binance ecosystem and is all geared up to issue PYN (BEP-2) tokens on the platform.

Texcent supports the financial platform called- Paycent. Texcent is a company from Singapore. It offers mobile apps. One example of such an app is Paycent app. Further, Paycent is a hybrid wallet. It offers services for both the fiat currency and digital assets.

The Paycent app, on the other hand, is a hybrid wallet which allows the users from all over the world to connect their funds and the digital assets in real time on an international scale with the help of Paycent Cards. The company takes pride in being the sole provider of ‘Crypto Fiat Debit Card.’ With these cards, the users can withdraw cash in any local currency via ATM machines, or via online means, or even through offline merchants from anywhere around the globe. This Debit card is quite famous, and as of now, more than 60 K users have been using it. The Debit card is available on an international scale.

Binance Chain is a software system which is based on the blockchain technology. This project is a combined effort of Binance, the Binance community, developers, contributors, and it spans all over the world. Binance Chain blockchain further supports Binance DEX, which is a decentralized exchange option, where the users from all over the world can practice control with the help of private keys and funds. This further is progress towards the peer to peer trading system in the near future.

Both Binance and Paycent tweeted about this new change on the social platform- Twitter. Binance’s announcement talked about welcoming Paycent to its family. The post got fifty-one re-tweets and two hundred and twenty-eight hearts. Paycent, on the other hand, tweet expressed the excitement of joining Binance. As per the Twitter announcement, Paycent expressed the combined ambition of ‘driving the mass adoption of the crypto payments.’ Further, the post revealed the company’s future plans of submitting the listing proposal for $PYN on the community forum (the Binance DEX decentralized exchange.) This post was celebrated with fifty-nine hearts and twenty-three re-tweets. As of now, not much information is available on the proposal submission. Stay glued to CryptoNewsZ for all the latest moves.

The migration of Paycent to Binance Chain ecosystem will offer the best of both the worlds. The unique features and services of the Paycent platform will now be available on the Binance Chain. Such moves only help the entire crypto community to become a better place.

Another factor that binds the two companies in a single thread is their vision. For instance, Binance Chain has always tirelessly worked for empowering and supporting a decentralized exchange which has contributed to the crypto sphere is major ways. Paycent also believes in working for greater mass adoption of the crypto assets; therefore, finding a better match for the cause was almost impossible.

David Cox

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