Paysenger’s EGO Token Public Presale Slated for April 6 on Tokensoft

Crypto communities are excited as Paysenger officialized its plans for a public presale of the EGO tokens. The sale is scheduled to go live on April 6 on Tokensoft. You can now add the EGO tokens to your portfolio and become an investor in this smart money project. The news has made several people rejoice as the Initial DEX Offering is set to be launched only in the latter quarters of 2022.

Paysenger has announced this presale for those who endorsed and supported the project from the beginning. The presale would bring an opportunity for them to take an active role in Paysenger’s subsequent developments. 350,000 EGO tokens, which account for 3.5% of the total quantity, have been set aside for the presale that goes live this week. The EGO tokens will initially be offered at $0.05 per token. EGO is the first BSC token launched on Tokensoft.

Launching on Tokensoft

Tokensoft is one of the go-to platforms in the crypto ecosystem for launching IDOs or public sales. The platform makes it easier for projects to get funds for development by allowing investors who might be interested in them. The tokens bought from the crypto presales or public sales can be sold later for a better value afterward. 

The reason behind Paysenger’s decision to use Tokensoft has to do with its versatility. The platform, apart from issuing, listing, or trading securities, tokens, and digital assets, offers many other services to the issuers. The project’s journey in the last few years has made it one of the trusted partners helping many up-and-coming projects along the way. Tokensoft’s portfolio currently holds major names like Taxara, Polkadot’s Parachain called Acala, The Graph Protocol, and Avalanche Blockchain Protocol. Such a larger-than-life influence of the platform has prompted the new Paysenger project to launch its IDO on Tokensoft.

The Paysenger’s Journey

Paysenger is one of the widely anticipated blockchain projects in the world. The project has recently been given the award for the Best ICO project at the Crypto Expo 2022 Conference held in Dubai. The team shall also be participating in the conference itself. EGO is also being tracked by Launchpad ICO Holder. This is one of the major platforms tracking and ranking the developments of cryptocurrency projects across the globe. Currently, the EGO tokens stay at the top among the listed projects, with a rating of 4.7.

Paysenger has had an enthusiastic community supporting it even before the launch. One of the reasons why it holds such popularity owes much to having Ian Scarffe as the key advisor. Scarffe is popular for leading 119 ICO projects and accumulating funds worth $600 million. Sacrffe believes that EGO will transform the blockchain industry through its mission to make technology more accessible.

The Mission to Make Accessible Technology

EGO is currently moving with the belief that accessibility in the blockchain industry is critical. And the project has so far been successful in its endeavor to achieve this end. The project has already been named the Best ICO project at the Crypto Expo 2022. The project received such honor due to its vision regarding finance and cryptocurrencies. On top of that, the project proved its prowess among the crypto communities by co-hosting the prestigious World Blockchain Summit. The number of influencers and key figures who participated in the event has helped the project elevate its image in the crypto space.

Although the IDO of the project has not been launched yet, the project has made some big moves in the market. It has already accumulated $2 and $5 million through seed capital funds. The ICO has previously introduced a beta version of the mobile app, which helped it get 100,000 users. The project’s expansion plans also include bringing 85 professional and competent employees. With more resources coming in, the project aims to release a stable version of the mobile app and expects to reach 5 million in user count. 

Key figures have also expressed their positive views on this new ICO project. Crypto expert Reubin Godfrey believes that this ICO has tons of potential, and its use case would just be limitless. Finance Advisor Timo Trippler claims that Paysenger will bring a new dimension to communication by making human attention a greatly valued asset. The Paysenger team is working towards making plans to bring streamlines that would help influencers financially benefit from their networks and connections.

Vision of Paysenger

Paysenger is a tool for communication that can change the way the current influencer culture works. With this new protocol, it would be easier for influencers and brands to keep the attention of the users on the product by paying for the user’s attention. It can be processed either through fiat money or EGO tokens. While being a helpful addition to content distractions, Paysenger also helps users monetize their impact.


The new protocol will make communication on public platforms personalized through an internal payment system. This system will allow a large portion of people willing to pay for an audience with their favorite artists, sportspersons, stars, etc. On the other hand, it also helps brands and influencers who need to bring their content to a larger audience. In effect, Paysenger allows people to connect on a personal level by monetizing their impact.

Apart from that, the platform will also allow its users to turn their art, media, and other creative works into NFTs to be saved or sold for EGO in the on-site marketplace. Many believe that this initiative will be a huge step in the crypto industry. And the new presale event would be the right opportunity to step into this much-anticipated project. So, if anyone wants to become an investor, sign up as soon as possible to join the April presale. For more information, check out the official website and Instagram, and Medium channels.

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