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Peaq and Mastercard program joins hands together

peaq selected for award-winning Mastercard program

Exploring partnerships by combining a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network and traditional finance is the ultimate objective of the Mastercard flagship program. It paves the way toward more integrations apart from reaffirming Peaq’s top position at the forefront of Web3 technology transformation. 

The collaboration between Peaq and the Mastercard program is exciting news for Web3, digital assets, Blockchain, and traditional finance communities. Peaq leads the crypto revolution from the front through this pathbreaking partnership and the flagship program of Mastercard is an award winning one.

The Mastercard Start Path extends support to multiple projects about financial technology and Web3 domains. The new development will give a fresh outlook to integrations in Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, conventional finance, and fintech sectors. Mastercard’s startup promotion scheme is named ‘The Mastercard Start Path’ and more than 400 companies are the beneficiaries of this program in the previous decade. 

Companies will get exclusive access to tactical business collaborations, innovative endeavours, and engagement through Mastercard’s startup promotion program that created ripples in the tech industry. Financial technology firms specializing in digital assets and Blockchain reaped rich rewards through ‘The Mastercard Start Path’.

Renowned business entities like Revolut, Crossmint, and CUBE3.AI were part of Mastercard’s startup promotion program. Peaq will conceptualize new ways to connect the DePIN vertical with traditional finance through ‘The Mastercard Start Path’. Their DePIN and TradFi integration efforts deserve special mention today as the world is moving from Web2 to Web3. It will add an element of convenience to the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network besides opening gateways of Web3 to more and more users. Unleashing regulatory compliant payment systems is another possibility of the DePIN and TradFi integration endeavours of the Mastercard startup promotion program.

It is a fact that traditional payment methods will increase the accessibility of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network for global businesses looking to tap the infinite potential of the DePIN sector. The transactions between DePIN and fiat money have become smooth with the advent of Peaq’s association with the ‘Start Path Program’. 

Mastercard’s extensive partner network helps forge new partnerships for the Peaq system. The association between Mastercard and Peaq will promote creative synergy and enthusiasm between the traditional finance sector and the Economy of Things. The greatest benefit of DePINs is that they operate in economies that exist in the real world. Their traditional infrastructure, legal system, and compliance integration help global businesses reach a massive audience.


Peak is keen on advancing the usually gradual process of decentralization and making the possibility of massive Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network payment systems more practical. DePINs guarantee mass adoption while not diverting from the core values of Web3 shaping up the internet world. The affiliation between the Mastercard startup promotion program and Peaq will lead to adoption acceleration, ensuring legitimacy, and promoting trust in the Web3 sphere. The association between Mastercard and Peaq underlines that a smooth user experience is essential for the massive adoption of Web3 and DePIN. It will ultimately result in uncomplicated interactions between DePINs and TradFi.

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