peaq to provide multi-chain Machine IDs with Fetch’s AI agents

Based on its past association with, peaq will be coming out with multi-chain Machine identities that utilize Fetch’s AI agents for carrying out data transfers between Polkadot and the Cosmos ecosystems. Through this, it will be possible for the enormous number of robots and vehicles on the decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) on peaq to connect with the machines throughout the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems. 

All of this is made possible with the help of’s AI agents. Since Web3 cannot remain just a collection of siloed networks, the multi-chain machine IDs come to the rescue by opening the doors for interactions to be made available between the devices on Polkadot and Cosmos. As a result, further project incorporations will take place, producing more liquidity and adding overall value for the community.  

To further its plans, peaq is coming out with multi-chain self-powered Machine identities with the help of, a platform used for boosting peer-to-peer applications that come with automation and AI abilities. This makes it possible for decentralized IDs to offer the opportunity for machines and robots to share data with the help of a decentralized address book, and a storage pallet of peaq.

For the users, while building a Machine ID on peaq, they can add the address to the address book, which is on the storage pallet. Through this, an independent agent comes into existence in’s Agentverse. The agent, in turn, can gather all the data on peaq. Multi-chain Machine IDs bring about decentralized energy grids. There is also the possibility of sharing independent vehicles. Then there is the influence on supply chain management and healthcare systems.  

Multi-chain Machine IDs will open the doors for crowdfunding of vehicles, robots, and devices through peaq’s Machine DeFi suite. This makes peaq the multi-chain hub in the case of DePIN projects throughout the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems. All of this will be made available through peaq’s SDK. According to the co-founder of peaq, Till Wendler, the days ahead in the economy of things are on Web3, and at the same time, the days ahead for Web3 lie in multi-chain.

Where is concerned, it is offering a framework with respect to smart, independent services. Through the entity, it becomes possible for users to be able to create, position, and link smart agents for the automation of Web3 systems and restructure business modules.

Trevor Holman

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