Penguin Karts Announces Collaboration with Oxbull

Penguin Karts has announced a collaboration with Oxbull, a Blockchain project incubator run by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts.

Through this collaboration, Oxbull will enable them to grow and manage this in such a way that they can establish a market presence. Oxbull will also provide more IDO opportunities, broadening our reach even further. It is their mission to create a game that everyone can enjoy. 

They’ve also designed the game to be simple to learn but difficult to master, with addictive and enjoyable gameplay suitable for players of all skill levels. The higher your skill level, the more money you can make. Contact them at Penguin Karts to learn more about their Play-to-Earn 3D game and the exclusive NFT collection. Penguin Karts will compete in an AMA with the Oxbull team on March 20th. They are also working with Owlz Congress Club, which has an amazing NFT collection, a thriving community and will eventually release their own $HOOTY token.

They are offering up to 20 x Owlz Congress Club whitelist spots as a prize.

Their Phase 1 Pre-Sale will begin later in March, allowing owners to mint exclusive Cyber Owls NFTs while also providing 50 percent royalties back to the community.

Penguin Karts has recently collaborated with a number of businesses, including Blkbirds Collective, vEmpire, KingPad, and others.

Oxbull is a startup and launching pad created by technology enthusiasts. Oxbull.Tech aims to provide startups with the necessary support and funding to get their projects off to the best possible start.

The mission of Oxbull is to communicate performance and believable blockchain projects with shareholders.

Penguin Karts, a first-of-its-kind battle-racing Play-to-Earn game, aims to reinvent the blockchain gaming experience for users of all ages looking to earn cryptocurrency. Players can begin earning right away, whether through skilled gameplay, wagers, ecosystem contributions, or by collecting and trading their playable NFTs.

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