Pepe Coin surges 1,500%,Floki Inu joins Binance Futures,Big Eyes Coin launches on June 15th

The world of digital currencies has had some positive developments in recent weeks. Despite the rocky road that collapsed the Signature, Silvergate, and Silicon Valley Bank, the cryptocurrency industry has come out clean on the other side. From the meteoric rise of the PEPE coin to the launch of newcomer Big Eyes Coin, the meme coin world has, in particular, seen several positive developments.


Based on popular internet jokes, meme coins have taken over the cryptocurrency world in ways never seen before. In this article, we’ll go through three big news stories in the meme coin space. 

PEPE Coin Registers A 1,500% Rally

PEPE Coin (PEPE), based on the Pepe the Frog meme, has lept an astonishing 1,500% in just a fortnight. This unprecedented rally has captured the attention of both investors and meme coin enthusiasts, propelling PEPE to the coveted position in the top 50 coins by market capitalization, surpassing the billion-dollar milestone in a remarkably short amount of time.

The recent surge in Pepe’s popularity can be partially attributed to Binance’s decision to include Pepecoin and Floki Inu (FLOKI) on its ‘innovation zone’ platform. This move by a prominent cryptocurrency exchange signaled a notable mainstream acceptance of these meme-inspired coins.  

Binance Launches Perpetual Future Contract For Floki Inu

Binance Futures, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a new perpetual contract designed specifically for Floki Inu (FLOKI), the dog meme coin. The introduction of this perpetual contract offers traders up to 20x leverage. 

Perpetual contracts are derivative products that allow traders to buy or sell an underlying asset, in this case, Floki Inu, without an expiration date. This move adds a layer of legitimacy to the meme-based digital currency and amplifies its growing popularity and market value.


Big Eyes Coin To Launch On A Top-Tier CEX And Uniswap On June 15th

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), the new cat-themed cryptocurrency, is getting investors and meme coin lovers excited with its upcoming launch and its unique features. The Big Eyes’ presale has been a resounding success, raising more than $36 million. The presale ends on June 3rd, 2023, and the coin will launch on Uniswap on June 15th, 2023.

One of the more notable highlights of Big Eyes Coin is the launch of a crypto casino on August 29th, 2023. The Big Eyes Casino will allow users to exchange their crypto holdings for $BIG tokens and play P2E games. The innovative gaming and betting platform will exclusively operate with $BIG as the sole currency. 

Big Eyes Coin stands out in the meme coin market as one of the few cat-themed currencies. The crypto market has seen the rise of dog-centric coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, but Big Eyes Coin brings the charm of felines to the forefront.

Big Eyes Coin is running a special offer in preparation for its launch. Get a 300% bonus on your purchases when you apply code END300.

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