Pepe investor turns $462 into $3.4M – Dogeverse ramping up for similar explosion

Pepe is the No.1 meme coin by recent gains, and it has been one of the highest-gaining crypto assets ever since it went live in 2023. The meme coin somehow always finds a way to grow, even during times when crypto markets retract, and a similar situation had happened recently when an investor managed to turn $462 into over $3.4 million by holding on to PEPE tokens.

The investor bought his tokens early in 2023, investing only 0.22 ETH, which got him over 324 Billion PEPE at the time. A similar situation is now setting up with the newest meme coin Dogeverse, so let’s see what’s going on from up close.

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Pepe coin surges over 112% in one month

Despite recent price corrections and a consolidation phase across the cryptocurrency market, Pepe Coin has seen significant growth. It is currently trading at $0.00001577, marking a remarkable 112.06% increase over the past 30 days. This surge has boosted its market capitalization beyond the $6.6 billion mark, propelling Pepe Coin to the 20th position in the cryptocurrency rankings. Consequently, the PEPE token retains its third-place spot among meme coins, gradually closing in on Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) in second and first places.

The recent success of Pepe Coin has made it the most successful meme coin of 2023, outshining new entrants like Bonk, Dogwifhat (WIF), and Sponge. This impressive performance can be attributed to various factors, primarily speculation regarding potential upcoming Ethereum spot ETFs. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved ETH ETFs today, and that could positively impact the entire altcoin market, with Pepe Coin potentially benefiting from further price surges.

Early investment yields massive profits for Pepe investors

The crypto market, particularly the meme coin sector, is known for high-risk, high-reward opportunities. Success stories abound, including a recent one highlighted by the crypto analytics organization by the name of LookOnChain. On April 15, 2023, an anonymous investor purchased 324.9 billion PEPE tokens for 0.22 ETH (approximately $462 at the time). This investor recently sold these tokens for an astounding $3.4 million, showcasing the potential for massive profits with early, high-risk investments.

Early investment yields massive profits for Pepe investors

The identity of this investor remains unknown, and there is speculation about possible connections to the PEPE token developers. Another investor recently turned a $1,200 investment into $9 million, further illustrating the lucrative potential of early investments in meme coins.

The hunt for the next big meme coin

Given these success stories, many crypto investors are now on the lookout for the next high-potential meme coin that promises significant returns. Identifying such projects early is challenging and often requires extensive research. Innovative meme coins that stand out from the competition are particularly popular. For instance, alternatives like Dogeverse may represent sensible long-term investments due to their unique approaches and potential for high returns.

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Dogeverse: A revolutionary multi-chain meme coin with massive potential

In the meme coin market, dog-themed projects have long dominated with the hype built on the original DOGE token which is still the highest-ranked meme on the market. Dogeverse, however, aims to stand out by becoming the first meme coin to operate across multiple blockchains. It sets a new industry standard by functioning on Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Base. The impressive feat is made possible through the use of Wormhole and Portal Bridge technologies, which enable smooth transitions between the supported chains.

Each blockchain on which Dogeverse operates offers a unique set of benefits. The project was initially launched on Ethereum, a network known for widespread adoption and robust security. The project will then get further deployments on the blockchains mentioned above, allowing users to transfer their $DOGEVERSE tokens to the chain of their choice. The ongoing presale raised over $15 million, and is coming closer to the $17 million hard cap in the next few days. 

Unmatched flexibility for users

Dogeverse’s multi-chain capability is designed with its fans and users in mind, providing unparalleled flexibility. Users can choose the blockchain that best suits their needs at any given time. For example, they might prefer Ethereum’s top-notch security for storing large amounts of DOGEVERSE tokens while utilizing BNB Chain’s low fees for frequent transactions.

Dogeverse’s adoption of multi-chain technology marks a significant advancement for the entire cryptocurrency market. The team behind Dogeverse is dedicated to innovation, positioning the project as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, giving it a ton of potential and long-term sustainability. Users can expect a combination of flexibility, security, and efficiency, making it a standout in the meme coin market and a flagship meme coin that could spark a transformation in the niche.

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Understanding Dogeverse tokenomics

Tokenomics are a critical aspect for investors in any crypto project, as it outlines the project’s goals and what investors can anticipate. The $DOGEVERSE token has a maximum supply of 200 billion tokens, distributed strategically to foster ecosystem growth, incentivize community participation, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Understanding Dogeverse tokenomics

During the highly successful presale phase, 30 billion tokens, representing 15% of the total supply, were made available to investors. In addition, 20 billion tokens (10%) are earmarked for staking rewards, while another 50 billion tokens (25%) are allocated for project reserves. To effectively reach and engage the target audience, 50 billion tokens (25%) are reserved for marketing efforts, with another 20 billion tokens (10%) allocated for future feature and ecosystem development.

20 billion tokens (10%) are reserved for liquidity, and the remaining 10 billion tokens (5%) are set aside for exchanges, ensuring that users always have a smooth transaction experience on all major listings. The comprehensive distribution strategy is designed to ensure $DOGEVERSE’s sustained growth while promoting adoption and offering a wide range of opportunities. Investors have a unique opportunity to capitalize on Dogeverse’s significant growth potential, making it an attractive option before the window of opportunity closes.

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Wrapping up

Pepe is still the “King of Memes” in 2024 so far, but with the Dogeverse presale event nearing its end, it could lose its place as the niche highest-gainer in the next few months. Dogeverse offers much better utility and a multi-chain design makes it a must-have meme coin in the upcoming period. Visit the official Dogeverse site today and buy your supply of $DOGEVERSE tokens early to enjoy the highest returns in the next few months.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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