After being listed on Coinbase, Pepe coin saw a 20% increase in value—could Dogeverse be the next cryptocurrency to take off?

Over the past week, Pepe (PEPE) has seen an increase of over 20%, continuing the surge in the broader meme coin market.

The reason for this is that Coinbase International Exchange, which serves business clients, has started offering Pepe perpetual futures trading, allowing customers outside the U.S. to trade the asset with leverage.

This has generated significant hype in the meme coin scene as investors rush to find the next exploding token that could deliver massive gains.

According to industry analysts and seasoned experts, the promising option appears to be the new ICO that’s currently trending – Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE).

Let’s check it out and see what’s causing so much hype.

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Pepe experiences a significant surge following Coinbase listing, ranking among top meme coins – Yet this new innovative ICO has the potential to outperform it

Coinbase International Exchange recently launched trading in Pepe perpetual futures contracts, allowing international clients to trade the asset with leverage. This development was met with great enthusiasm, particularly after its launch last Tuesday, which saw Pepe becoming a standout in the meme coin category.

Following the launch, Pepe’s price increased by over 20%, and it achieved a notable 40% surge in the past two weeks, fueled by the buzz around the announcement.

Pepe coin graph

Pepe experienced a meteoric rise of over 700% since late February, driven by a meme coin trading boom in the crypto markets. However, after reaching a peak on March 14, it faced a significant pullback, pushing investors to look for new ICOs that could deliver massive returns.

Industry experts currently see Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) as the most promising coin, drawing major attention for its innovative approach of functioning across multiple Blockchains. Let’s check it out!

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Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) — New doge-inspired crypto aims to become the leading token on multiple Blockchains by improving the user’s flexibility

Recently launched, Dogeverse quickly made its mark in the crypto world. Positioned at the front line of innovation, Dogeverse mixes the popular ‘Doge’ meme appeal with the functionality of operating across multiple Blockchains.

Different from typical meme coins, Dogeverse uses a multi-chain framework, enabling $DOGEVERSE tokens to navigate effortlessly across six major Blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Base, and Avalanche. This innovative approach offers several advantages, including improved flexibility for token holders.

It allows for the easy transfer of tokens between networks, reducing transaction costs and increasing convenience for users. The project’s mascot, Cosmo, symbolizes unity and adaptability, showing the ability to switch between different Blockchain networks easily.

Moreover, by being present on various Blockchains, Dogeverse provides its users with the opportunity to engage with broader ecosystems, thereby expanding their reach and leveraging the different features of each Blockchain.

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Dogeverse’s remarkable presale collects over $12 Million – Strong tokenomics poised for long-term success

All tokens allocated for the first two rounds of the presale were sold, exceeding the team’s projections with the first round concluding in less than the expected. Dogeverse moved to the second phase of its ICO a day earlier than planned, with five additional rounds scheduled to conclude by June 11, totaling 200 billion tokens.

The project’s roadmap includes potential listings on various decentralized and centralized exchanges, but currently, the focus is on securing spots on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The coin features a high-return staking option that offers APYs exceeding 90%, making it a rewarding investment opportunity. Of the total 200 billion tokens, a significant portion is reserved for presale and staking rewards to attract investors.

The Dogeverse team’s distribution strategy aims to support sustainable growth. Allocating 15% of the total supply (30 billion tokens) to the presale, Dogeverse has raised over $12 million from sales of its tokens in a matter of weeks.

An additional 10% of the supply is earmarked for staking rewards over the next two years to encourage community engagement and holder retention, with 25% reserved for funding future projects within the Dogeverse ecosystem.


Post-presale, 5% of the total supply will be dedicated to securing exchange listings, and another 10% will maintain liquidity on various platforms. Further, 10% is allocated to support ecosystem finances and 25% to marketing efforts.

The presale has seen remarkable participation. Early investors can acquire $DOGEVERSE tokens at a favorable rate of $0.0003. The event continues to draw significant interest, with investors aiming for potential returns.

As the project’s goal is to sell out presale tokens quickly, crypto enthusiasts should act rapidly to secure their coins before the price skyrockets.

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One of the leading meme coins, Pepe, has experienced a surge after being listed on Coinbase – yet, before the meme coin frenzy slows down, there is still one token available for investment before it explodes.

Dogeverse, a new face in the meme coin market, aims to surpass the current leaders and position itself as the most rewarding token of 2024.

With great tokenomics, a dedicated community, and innovative capability to function across multiple Blockchains, this project is poised to deliver significant returns in the coming weeks.

Now is the perfect moment to get involved in the presale and secure the highest profits before it skyrockets!

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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