2024 crypto trends: PEPE vs MAGA VP (MVP), who will win this bull run

MAGA VP is a PolitiFi meme token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token utilizes transaction taxes to offer rewards to holders of MVP tokens, in TRUMP tokens, with the goal of expanding the MAGA TRUMP community. 

With a market cap of $2.9B, PEPE has been one of the trending meme coins on most exchanges. Contrary to PEPE,  MAGA VP, which has a market cap of nearly 6 million, in just two months since its launch, MAGA VP has seen an impressive growth rate of +320.97%, a clear testament to the strong support it has garnered from its followers.

MAGA VP is associated with Donald Trump’s 2024 bid and aims to grow the MAGA TRUMP community by giving TRUMP tokens to holders and implementing transaction fees for promotional and liquidity purposes. The token has witnessed an increase of 300% in April, 2024. Currently, PEPE is priced at $0.000006888 and has had an 11.74% decrease in its price in the last 30 days. 

MAGA VP’s strategy focuses on using its link to Donald Trump’s brand to engage the community and expand. With supply and transaction fees used for holders and maintaining liquidity, MAGA VP strives to create a sustainable environment while actively engaging its community through impactful marketing efforts. The total supply of MVP tokens is limited to 50 million. 

A portion of each transaction, 2% to be precise, is directed towards the MVP token ecosystem. Out of this, 1% is used to reward MVP holders with TRUMP tokens, while an additional 0.5% is set aside for marketing initiatives. On the other hand, PEPE relies on its meme status and market appeal to encourage adoption and trading activity. Its presence on exchanges, along with a market value, demonstrates how effective it is at drawing users and investors into the world of meme coins.

In the changing world of meme coins, the strategies of MAGA VP and PEPE stand out in terms of how they aim to succeed in the volatile crypto market. MAGA VP leverages its connection to US Presidential elections and campaigns to engage with the community and expand, while PEPE relies on its meme status and market appeal alone. Therefore, it is safe to presume that in this bull run, MAGA VP is making the mark and will soon be the next trending, just like $TRUMP!  

To learn more about MAGA VP, visit the website. 

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