Personal Narrative and Future of Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is constantly evolving and that too at a rapid pace. The fans of these platforms are happy to see the evolution and are expecting more and better things to fall out in the years to come. The rapidness at which this platform is emerging means that the monitoring activities of the platforms also must have the same pace as the brands are making quick changes to their strategies. Newer trends are coming up now and then, and the future looks quite exciting for the user and the brand itself. The demands of its users are increasing, and it has to diversify now and make rapid changes to meet these demands. It will not be successful just by playing the hand that it has been doing so far.  

Social Media Is Here to Stay 

There are as many as 40% of the population of the world who currently have at least one social media account. This is how big this medium is, and it isn’t going to die soon. The future will be quite different, and it is time for a quality niche. There will be more and more networks coming up to attract the people and to unite them. The people who share common interests can meet easily on this platform and share their ideas and thoughts. It is not just helping the businesses to grab the attention of its users, but it is also a platform for individuals to share the personal narrative about their various experiences and life. This is where Facebook, Twitter, ShareChat, Tik Tok, etc. are very useful.  

How Do Social Media Platforms Help Personal Narrative? 

Suppose an avid gambler has played on a £3 deposit slots sites and have won thousands of pounds with one spin. He/she can get to express their feelings and also write about how they did it or how it happened through social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter blogs, etc. Through this, all the followers get to see what he/she has achieved, and this can tempt other people to try their hand out at the casino. It is a form of easy and cheap publicity for the gambling site as well. This is a personal narrative for the casino winner to let the world know about their achievement, and it can be easily done through social media sites. It has a massive reach and the big win can turn into trending news online. 

The changes in technology and the time have also made a drastic and dramatic change in everything, including personal narrative. The people use these personal information sharing sites to interact with friends and other people in any part of the world. 

What Are the Common Platforms for Personal Narratives? 

  • Facebook and Twitter

These social networking websites are the most common option for people to share their private stories. This is where people regularly post the happenings of the day and their thoughts and also get responses from their followers and friends instantly. It is the most suitable, quickest, and easiest way to share an individual’s thoughts or ideas with others.   

  • Blogs   

One of the effective ways to communicate and let the world know an individual’s ideas and thoughts and their day to day activities is through blogging. There are a lot of famous writers and personalities who share their experiences through their blogs who also have gained a massive following. People with varied interests like cooking, baking, gardening, shopping are part of the blogging community. 

  • Podcasts

One of the direct ways to communicate with the audience is through audio or video. This is where social media platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo, etc., are of great help. The users can open up an account and share video posts of their activities or even go live to let the world know what is happening around them. As they say, a picture can speak a thousand words, and there is no doubt that visual media will reach a larger audience in the shortest possible time.  

Future of Social Media and the Personal Narrative 


There is a huge expansion of this platform that is taking place right now, and the foreseeable future looks to be more thrilling and exciting. The popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. are already gathering information about its users and suggest content depending on their interests. There are also advancements made in mobile technology that is based on the location of the user. The user will get advertisements and other information based on the mobile location. The personal narrative options will also improve as technology changes, and the blogs or the e-books would become more accessible and also reach their targets faster. There is no doubt that there is going to be more visual content, high-end use of AR and VR, and trusted search engines with improved security and privacy in the near future.

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