Peter Schiff Takes a Dig at Bitcoin, as the Markets Continue to Crumble Down Amid Global Crisis

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff has taken yet another dig at Bitcoin on Tuesday, pinching media house CNBC of not covering the BTC crash enough. He accused that if Bitcoin had been soaring instead of crashing, CNBC would have given it a non-stop coverage.

Schiff is one of the fiercest critics of cryptocurrencies at large and Bitcoin in general. Taking his criticism forward, he argued that Bitcoin is no longer a non-correlated asset, and will now respond in line with other risk-prone assets like equities and bonds. However, he further added that Bitcoin may go down parallelly with other risk assets, but its rise will be much slower as compared to others. In a tweet on Monday, he had said,

“With the #Bitcoin halving just two months away and global financial markets in turmoil, the news couldn’t be more bullish for Bitcoin. Yet the price action couldn’t be more bearish. Looks like it’s Bitcoin’s price that will be halved! Not exactly the halving hodlers expected.”

After reeling just under the $10,000 mark for weeks, Bitcoin has seen a sharp fall in the past few days. After being priced at around $8,500 on March 01, BTC is now dropped to less than $7,850 this morning, and the downfall doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Moreover, a global slowdown, in general, validates Schiff’s argument that Bitcoin is no longer a non-correlated asset, which isn’t all that bad. In fact, it is a great sign in many ways, as the accusation that BTC alone is volatile will go down and dusted.

That said, it should be noted that the Euro Pacific boss has been bearish about Bitcoin for a very long time. After falling from $20,000 in December 2017 to below $3,500 in January 2019, Bitcoin has recovered remarkably and has shown signs of maturity and stability in the recent past. Therefore, stating that Bitcoin won’t come up as quickly or as high as other “corelated” risk assets is not entirely correct.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin is still volatile to a certain extent, and the future can turn the tables on either side. While major stakeholders in the industry continue to remain bullish for Bitcoin, old promoters like John McAfee have pulled back, and the computer scientist is now one of the critics himself. But we all know that Bitcoin is very promising and will come back with a bang soon. Many investors and analysts invested their money in this global crisis for huge profits. They believe in Bitcoin and also suggested to invest in Bitcoin to make a good profit. If you also want to make a good profit from Bitcoin then check Crypto Robo Software. It is an automated trading software that can lead you to earn massive profit from Bitcoin. You can check the software review form more details.

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