Phala Makes Strategic Partnership With Seedify

Phala is now a proud partner of Seedify. The integration is revolutionary for bringing out innovative blockchain games. The new gaming era is completely dynamic, where gamers can earn while playing. The play-to-earn era is unlike earlier, where games were played only for fun. Rewards are mainly in the form of in-game item NFTs or tokens. This benefits the blockchain in the form of ownership transparency, incentive models, and NFTs.

Seedify will curate Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) on its platform. This will directly make blockchain games reach requisite crowdsourced funding. This can help the community own tokens of upcoming blockchain games even before they are listed on the relevant stock exchange.

Phala will provide access to crucial infrastructure in a decentralized setting to new, upcoming GameFi Projects. Gaming projects do not need to compromise their privacy and security with the Phala network. It allows users to easily access Gaming projects by employing cloud resources with computing seeds. 

GameFi projects can also get many benefits like funding opportunities, incubation, different solution partners, customized as per the project’s needs. The partnership will be able to bring a new revolution with decentralization and GameFi.

About Seedify

Seedify is a launchpad ecosystem that focuses on blockchain gaming incubators. It has helped in empowering innovators and other developers by providing them with community, partnership building, and appropriate funding. Seedify is a full support system for driving the future of gaming and blockchain.

About Phala

Phala network is a blockchain platform empowering and enabling massive cloud processing and computations without harming data confidentiality. Phala helps in improving trust in Cloud computation. Phala is also a member of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem.

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