Phantasma Partners With Curate for Expanding Smart NFTs

A formal partnership has been signed between Phantasma and Curate with the expansion of smart NFTs in the center. Phantasma will anchor its programmable smart NFTs to the cross-chain mobile wallet from Curate. On the other hand, Curate will deliberate on the possibilities of implementing these next-gen NFTs in the new P2E game Xcursion.

Curate is a gasless NFT marketplace with a blockchain network called X-Chain. The marketplace comes with multi-chain support, and its primary point of access is a one-of-a-kind mobile app. Users can access the features of this mobile app through the native XCUR utility tokens.

Curate is the first-ever platform to offer a fully-functioning multi-chain NFT marketplace through a mobile app. The mobile currently supports 11 cryptocurrencies and offers features that help users mint or trade NFTs across chains. Apart from that, this app brings several useful metrics that assist with user involvement and more.

The Phantasma partnership will reportedly add more value to the mobile NFT marketplace. Once the deal comes through, the NFT tracing on the app will be able to use SOUL and KCAL tokens. Furthermore, the Curate app will become one of the primary marketplaces for smart NFTs from Phantasma following this formal partnership.

Phantasma’s programmable smart NFTs have gotten the attention of game developers in recent times. Mainly because these tokens will not carry the limitations and constraints of the first-gen NFTs, to exploit this demand, Phantasma has planned to embed cross-capability in the tokens.

As per the plans, users will be allowed to buy and trade an immutable version of the NFTs across other blockchains. The buyers can unlock the smart programming features by moving it back to the Phantasma ecosystem. With this model, the NFTs will be able to unlock benefits from more ecosystems without losing their smart features.

With attention toward interoperability, the partnership with the cross-chain marketplace seems like a brilliant move. Curate will be used as the base to identify and market their products toward where NFT flexibility is needed. Reportedly, Curate will help launch this product through its P2E game Xcursion.

However, there are other perks to this decision as well. The layer-1 network of Phantasma is designed and optimized for gaming with unique smart NFTs. The carbon-negative ecosystem is seen as the perfect ‘green solution’ for developing Curate’s Xcursion. Workinman Interactive will develop the game with PVP and PVE modes.

Curate’s roadmap this year does not end with Phantasma. Reportedly, it is developing an all-new physical goods marketplace with web3 features that allow the purchase of goods through cryptocurrencies.

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