Phantom Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With NFT Suite Talken

Phantom Protocol announced its partnership with Talken, an all-in-ones suite of NFT Tools that would help explore tie-ups that could lead to the growth of both parties’  DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

Talken will provide the infrastructure of NFTs, acting as a portal to the NFT universe, and will include the protocol of Phantom into the platform and ecosystem to provide users with a broad variety of NFT apps and services as part of the new collaboration.

Phantom Protocol’s first synthetic asset, pNFT, is created using smart contracts. Phantom will be boosting liquidity for NFT trading by using its interoperability which is cross-chain in nature, multiple-market initial support, capacity to link with commodities of the real world, and simple trading.

Phantom partnered with different eSports and influencers from the gaming industry, pioneering in combining eSports, Blockchain, and gaming. Through this cooperation, Talken will collaborate with Phantom Protocol to explore a broader and deeper engagement.

Further, both companies will work on finding additional NFT values and other ecosystem scenarios. They will also look for some opportunities for the crypto market and NFT ecology.

About Phantom

Phantom Protocol is a coming-of-age “DeFi+NFT” system that allows for fractional trading and NFT generation Phantom incorporates the DeFi cross-chain protocol, which creates synthetic assets and issues NFTs. Phantom lets users create decentralized synthetic assets (pAssets) using smart contracts and mainstream cryptocurrencies or NFT as collateral. By reducing the barriers to entry, Phantom allows more individuals to participate in a wide range of investments. Conflux incubated Phantom, and Phantom received funding from, Kyros Ventures, NGC Ventures, LD Capital among others.

About Talken

Talken provides a safe and user-friendly application for asset management operations in NFT minting, storage, and trading. On 3rd September 2021, Huobi Global listed Talken’s token, TALK. Talken now supports nine public blockchains, including ETH, Polygon, BSC, TRON, with more on the way.

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