Phantom Galaxies incorporates Chainlink VRF

Phantom Galaxies has incorporated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon mainnet. Through this incorporation, Phantom Galaxies will have the option of getting connected with a tamper-proof and auditable way of randomness that is required to randomize Planet attributes on minting. This will help create more clarity where the user is concerned. 

Phantom Galaxies is an iconic and vast sci-fi exposure that transfers players into facing interstellar combat, with a shifting between third-person mecha shooting and conventional gaming via blockchain innovation. This provides gamers the option of taking part in governance and coming in for actual ownership of their in-game assets. In this case, utilization is made of fungible as well as non-fungible tokens. 

In order to convince users that the Planet trait generation is above board, the requirement was to have a random number generator (RNG) which would be in the hands of users for auditing. Following considerable deliberations, they finally honed in on Chainlink VRF since it is based on a high degree of research, as well as being backed by an Oracle network. It is controlled by the creation and on-chain authentication of cryptographic proofs that speak of the fairness related to every random number released to smart contracts. 

The basic functioning of VRF is dependent on the amalgamation of block data that is not divulged when the request comes through, with the oracle node’s pre-conceived private key, for bringing about a random number, as well as a cryptographic proof. In this case, the smart contract of Phantom Galaxies will go in for the random number that comes with proper cryptographic proof. This will take place in the case of a tamper-proof VRS procedure. This helps in convincing the user that randomness comes with total clarity. 

As per the Co-Founder and Managing director of Blowfish Studios, Ben Lee, Chainlink VRF helps in convincing users that the issuance of Planet traits is completely tamper-proof and above board, going a long way in gaining the confidence of the user. 

Where Chainlink is concerned, it is the benchmark for the Web3 services platform and is responsible for large volumes of transactions carried out through DeFi, insurance, as well as gaming, NFTs, and a whole lot of other verticals. 

In the case of Blowfish Studios, it is an affiliate of Animoca brands and a publisher of high-end and multi-platform games, such as Winter Ember, Blackwind, Siegecraft, Morphite, and a whole lot of others. The entity is based in Sydney, Australia.

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