Phlow to Attend UCIM Pitcher Perfect at Berlin

UCIM is organizing the second edition of Pitcher Perfect on 24 April at Berlin and has the phlow team on board.

Previously, UCIM had hosted Pitcher Perfect in Feb 2019 at Singapore to unite the two ends of the crypto community. Pitcher Perfect is a platform that bridges the gap between pioneering projects and investment funds. The event focuses on helping startups with groundbreaking projects to meet their need of investments and contribute to the blockchain community. Many startups also attend the event to create strategic partnerships or gain from the invaluable feedback, expert opinions and knowledgeable insights on blockchain from industry leaders.

The agenda of Pitcher Perfect at Singapore presented a series of panel discussions, Pitch-a-thon wherein each project presented their pitch in front of the jury members, velocity meetings with investors for a one-on-one discussion, networking session and dinner. The main focus of the event was to connect leading projects with high-impact investors to empower such projects. Pitcher Perfect was an extension of the 2-day UCIM event held at Singapore in November 2018 during the Asia Blockchain Week.

Phlow is a microblogging platform for storytellers using a combination of visuals and words. The platform, unlike social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, enables users to express themselves through their compelling stories without having to share their personal information. Phlow uses a behavioral engine which uses user activity information to help like-minded users access similar stories. The main idea behind the platform was realized in the wake of allegations on Facebook and Google sharing personal information of users through manipulation.

Expressing his views on the importance of the event, CEO of Phlow stated,

“Preparing your startup for a public presentation or demo is always an essential step. What you say and how you say it must be planned. Your presentation must lead; you must master the public. Taking all of this into consideration is a challenge on its own, that leads you in a circle — your product and how people perceive it through your words.This is a circle I am working on for phlow, to show everyone at Pitcher Perfect that the world can be different tomorrow. To lead through a great product that stands with solid values. To do this, every day I go back to the presentation, and to the choice of which words to use to convey the message. It is a circle, an exciting exercise that will lead phlow on the stage in Berlin on the 24th of April.”

Bringing such innovative projects that tackle real-world problems to the event, Pitcher Perfect aims at boosting the blockchain ecosystem and injecting fresh and innovative projects that would help develop the community. Pitcher Perfect therefore gives these ingenious projects an opportunity to build long-lasting connections with industry leaders to gain the necessary impetus for the execution of their novel ideas.

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