Pinknode Joins Crust Network To Boost Decentralized Cloud Storage

Crust Network creates a decentralized cloud storage market for the ecosystem that promotes the privacy of individual data using a unique mix of GPoS and MPoW. The Supported by the Crust Network,  the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) with multiple storage layer protocols, allows storage interfaces to the application layer.

Crust Network’s decentralized storage innovation attracted several well-known platforms, including Uniswap, which has chosen to host Polkadot and frontend, choosing and hosting the Polkadot.js extension.

Infrastructure Layers Union

Pinknode will be joining hands and supporting Crust Network by hosting several nodes for a dependable layer in the middleware, meeting the needs of Crust Network’s corporate users’ demands. Pinknode’s API endpoints are designed to allow exchanges, tokens, wallets, and decentralized apps to interact with the protocol created by Crust Network.

According to Pinknode’s co-founder, Eric Poh,  Pinknode is excited to collaborate with Crust Network, helping to develop Web 3.0 technologies. As a leading company in cloud storage decentralized version on Polkadot, Crust adds a vital element to the ecosystem that supports data privacy and ownership.

With world-class companies like Crust Network creating innovative technology using the Polkadot network, it is confident that it will gain good momentum to progress in the blockchain industry.

Since the cloud storage section of decentralized is expanding, the infrastructure supporting it will become more critical than ever, and Pinknode will have a crucial role in the growth.

About Pinknode


Pinknode is the leading Polkadot infrastructure service set to adopt and empower innovators for creating Web 3.0 protocol. Pinknode assists developers in working rapidly on expanding the life cycle of any product by offering API using a proper onboarding process and maintaining infrastructure safety.

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