PipeFlare announces partnership with NEAR Protocol

Something that can only be defined as game-changing has now come to light. PipeFlare has announced that it has joined hands with NEAR Protocol for the purpose of enhancing the onboarding experience of users. This is expected to help them go through the transition to Web3 gaming pretty seamlessly.

The aim of the partnership is to create a gaming experience that is not just engaging but also smooth for users who are looking to explore the potential of Web3 gaming.

PipeFlare brings to the table a long list of games along with the future titles which will be developed utilizing the technology of NEAR Protocol. Having said that, NEAR is bringing its innovative protocol and the Aurora EVM to help achieve the transition to Web3 gaming.

The two main objectives of the NEAR + PipeFlare partnership are as follows:

  • Enabling a seamless onboarding process for users
  • Building games for PipeFlare through the technology deployed by NEAR

Seamlessly onboarding new users is an objective that both partners agree to. This confirms the mutual understanding that the teams have when it comes to facilitating the world of Web3. Once they begin transitioning to Web3, the partners are sure to unlock the potential of blockchain gaming. Thereby passing on the fun and engaging experience to the community.

The innovative protocol of NEAR will be complemented by the Aurora EVM, enabling it to demonstrate the capabilities of its technologies when it comes to Web3 gaming. Building games through NEAR’s protocol will look into the aspect of not just supporting the current list of games but it will also making sure that the new titles are developed to sync with the requirements of Web3.

The ecosystem constructed by PipeFlare and NEAR will be dedicatedly leveraged to promote innovation, growth, and collaboration. PipeFlare, specifically, will create an environment that is dynamic in nature, allowing users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. More information about the partnership between PipeFlare & NEAR Protocol and projects to be launched under the partnership are expected to be made public soon.

The development comes days after PipeFlare announced new updates for the community. These relate to introducing Player Tiers, Play-Timers, and Game Access. Player Tiers refers to a new player starting from Level 1 and then climbing up the ladder. All they will have to do is complete a set of tasks and stake Flare tokens. Players who move the level will unlock perks and other rewards.

Play-Timer is aimed at balancing the gaming experience of a player. A Level 1 player will have 2-hours every day for a game. This will stretch to a longer duration as a player level up. Similarly, Game Access means that players will have access to certain games depending on their levels. However, more experience will be unlocked as players move up the level. The collaboration between PipeFlare and NEAR Protocol is a game changer for the gaming community as a whole.

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