Pixels goes live on Ronin Network

Pixels has gone live on Ronin, allowing users to log into Pixels via their Ronin Wallets. This has not precisely boosted the trading value of Berry in the last 24 hours, or even 7 days, for that matter. But it has paved the way for users to conveniently get on board a new virtual world wherein they have access to in-game assets.

Players can earn tokens by participating in select activities, namely trading, farming, and selling in-game assets. This has to be done in the marketplace, which is inside the gaming platform. The integration has also set the stage for the future plan of releasing a Genesis collection, which has been titled Genesis Pets.

First and foremost, Pixels has chosen $BERRY as its in-game digital currency. Berry is tradable on Katana and utilized throughout the ecosystem.

Genesis Pets can be earned by completing three missions:

  • Participating in a 30-day Pixels Carnival Event. The task is to play mini-games, harvest crops, and complete quests.
  • Potential rewards can be earned simply by completing the questions of Moku.
  • A total of 200 Genesis Pets NFTs are expected to come to the market. One of them can be minted by collecting tickets.

There is less clarity regarding the exact number of tickets a player can take home or the utmost number of Genesis Pets that a single player and account can mint. Pixels or Ronin could potentially release such information in the coming days.

The fact that participants will be eligible for multiple prizes despite being unable to win a Genesis Pet could keep their spirits high. Prizes here refer to Farm Land NFTs, Axies, $RON, and other in-game assets.

Pixels and Ronin, through this partnership, are following in the footsteps of being in the play-to-mint segment of campaigns. It is based on the idea of Web3 gaming to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3 in a seamless manner. Plus, onboard new players to Web3 without giving them the feel of things being too technical. Simply put, the idea is to make it user-friendly and accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming.

Pixels can be accessed on mobile devices, and Mokus Quest can only be generated from its official link. Also, the gaming title is available on the PC.

Berry is going to be an imperative part of Pixels and Ronin. This may not have done good for the token till now, but estimates are that increasing utility could boost the price later. The token was last seen being traded at $0.0003432.

Some of the events in the gaming world that the community may want to look forward to are MAYG: Pre-Beta Launch tentatively scheduled to happen in the middle of November, Champions Ascension with its early access alpha playtest already live, and Kevin the Adventurer for a prize pool of $10,000.

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